Monday, November 02, 2009

Obligatory Halloween Pictures

Last week's madness has vanished, replaced by a beautiful indian summer, all the leaves we could ever hope to rake, and a pile of empty Whopper wrappers. 

I stayed up late to make sugar cookies for El Guille's school class.  I was to bring them to school for the kids to decorate as part of the Halloween party. I was also a little nervous since I've never been a room mother before. From what I remember of room mothers, they were the ones responsible for dying the milk green at my second grade St. Patrick's Day party that turned into my lifelong fear of artificially-colored foods. Hey, that's me! I am shaping the future neuroses of our children!

Proximo pitched a fit because he wanted to help a student decorate his cookie for him. The other kid, surprisingly, didn't want help from a 2-year-old. Proximo, who will not take no, logic, or attention diversion for an answer, was beside himself with anguish. "But I want to HEeeelp him! I hep! I hep" he sobbed. I resorted to stuffing M&Ms into his mouth to stop the crying. It worked. Must start carrying M&Ms with me at all times. 

E.G. was in the third group of kids to decorate. He walked into the art room and was so excited to see me, "Hey everyone! This is my MOM!" Everyone nodded a little, because moms are nothing new, and got down to decorating their cookies with black sparkle gel and orange frosting. "My mom makes the best cookies EVER!" E.G. declared. I nearly died on the spot from happy-shock with complications of bursting heart.
"Who here thinks my mom makes the best cookies, raise your hands!" Three or four kids, who have not even tried the cookies, raised their hands. Thanks for the votes, kids.

I made the kids eat oatmeal for breakfast and then raw vegetables for dinner two days straight. True story.  That way I felt less guilty about the volume of junk they were about to consume.

I made Proximo's costume. He went as a crayon. 

Here's a before shot of his teeth so when they rot out by next Thursday, we have a memory of pearly whites past:

El Guille went as an army guy. He begged for two months. I think it was mostly a ruse to get a gun.

(He didn't get a gun.)

He did, however, get an ACU (Active Combat Uniform) from Captain Galan and La Yen, stationed at Fort Bliss.  They are the exact same uniforms as the real soldiers wear, down to the fabric and number of pockets. "If these are camouflage, mom, then how do they find their friends?"
Good question, we might have to ask the captain.

E.G. was so excited that he wore the costume for three days. I even put him on latrine duty so he could have the full experience. He woke me up by standing next to my bed in his gear. "I bet you can't even see me right now, can you?" he giggled.
"Nope," I answered, "Who is even talking right now? I can't see anyone!"

What I didn't know, until I got to school on Friday, was that his best friend also dressed as an army guy so they could be soldiers together.

And YES, real soldiers wear cute black snow boots with fur sticking out the top (right?)

Boy, we had a lot of fun.

Especially Proximo, who spontaneously kissed several old women simply because they gave him candy.

Love these pictures? My sister took them.


rookie cookie said...

So that's what your children look like. They look like their mother.

Jack was an army guy too. We would try and say he was a soldier, but he insisted it was an army guy. He would salute when he would say "trick or treat".

You should post your sugar cookie recipe. I genuinely hate making them, but I want to like them and I think a good recipe would be the right place to start.

Britty said...

Those are pretty awesome photos. I can't believe how old El Guille looks. And where did he get those rockin boots?

amelia said...

Those boots complete the costume awesomeness.

And he kissed people for giving him candy - I love it.

Azúcar said...

Sorry, "bakermom" but I don't like people dropping links on my site who aren't regular readers. You want link juice, you can pay me.

And the recipe you were pimping? It has almond extract, which as everyone knows, is the devil's own extract in sugar cookies.

Mojo said...

Your kids are sooo darn cute.

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Oh, that crayon! Love it!

Fig said...

@Azúcar and that's a BURN. Two points.

I didn't realize Proximo has blue (grey? green?) eyes. Lovely.

Your boys are scrumptious with just the right touch of impish, as always.

Azúcar said...

It's true: he has blue-gray eyes, mostly blue. His hair is coming in dark as well.

Tamsin said...

Now I see why I used to snack on crayons when I was a kid! That Proximo is delicious :)

Anne-Marie said...

They look fab!

I'm afraid of green milk too. Food coloring in general. (though it's in 90% of everything i eat) I can't bring myself to do it. Except I did frosting once.

Morgan Moore said...

love, love, love!

Jiles Pfamily said...

Susannah told me on Sunday morning that she had a good Halloween and she even got to see EG and his little brother. I think she has a crush.

Sean and Steph said...

You have the most adorable kids ever!

b. said...

I would have given the Prox some candy for a kiss! Dang!

fijiangirl said...

love it! Those are some dang cute kids!