Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to You

My readers are funny people. Generally, you're all an erudite and clever crowd.

Some of you just get the jump on others.

Like when Noelle drove to the Jet Set Pad this afternoon right as I pulled in from last minute errands.

She handed me this:

Oh yes. She is a clever, clever girl.

(And you ALL wish you'd thought of it first.)

"I can't believe it's just candy cane," she laughed as she handed it to me.
"I'll prove it, let's open it right now," I giggled. So we did and then we sampled.

Yes, it really, really is just smashed candy canes.

Behold the power of marketing.

Very funny, Noelle.

Very funny.

Thanks for reading, gang, it's a trip just sharing these silly thoughts and have anyone read them.

Merry Christmas and crushed candy canes for all!


noelle said...

I still can't stop thinking about how it REALLY is just crushed candy canes.

Kelly said...

Yes, but I was just thinking how they would come in handy and skip a step when making Christmas cookies that call for sprinkled candy cane on top. Maybe I'm just lazy or super busy, but anything that saves time I am for!

Camels East said...

It's like buying a box of crushed graham crackers, or breadcrumbs. Geez, WHY didn't I think of it first?

thedoodlegirl said...

bwahahahaaaa! So great.