Thursday, December 17, 2009

Something Old, Something New

Old news comes from my Giveaway Giveaway. Random says that Clyde won!

Clyde said...
My daughter's classmate father passed away about a week before Thanksgiving... He was the only income in the house (three kids, the youngest is 2 1/2 years old) so it's a heartache to know that this Christmas will be a hard one - without a dad and some little new things to play with.

Thanks for this generous giveaway!... It will make a lot of a deal for whoever is the lucky winner.

Clyde, drop an email to jetset dot azucar at gmail dot com.

Something New!

Did you know I get phone calls from my friends asking me questions night and day? It's true: my friends treat me like I'm their Wikipedia on speed dial. Sometimes a girl gets tired answering calls all the time, even if the phone is ringing Jay-Z. That's why I started a new blog to feature things I like, things I don't like, and soup, which I could eat, or not eat. The blog is called Jet Set Galore. And while it will not tell you on which aisle you can find the balsamic vinegar at the Wal*Mart, and a recipe for balsamic dressing (Shannon,) today Jet Set Galore will tell you where to get the best facial in Salt Lake (of course, it's the only facial I've ever had in Salt Lake.)

I would be genuinely delighted if you'd pop on over and tell me what you like or don't like, or talk all about soup.

(I like olives.)


~j. said...

Olives are so gross.

Fig said...

Agreed. Olives = nasty.

BUT I know you designed those super-fabulous little blue and red ones, and I love them. You have too many skills.

La Yen said...

I am so glad to have you on Team Olive. I have suffered years of abuse and olive-racism at the hands of W and ~j. I declare 2010 THE YEAR OF THE OLIVE.

AzĂșcar said...


Emily Hill said...

Can't wait to check out your new sight. I'll be subscribing immediately! Seems I've asked you a few questions as well. Glad you answered them even though I'm nowhere near as nifty (wow, love alliteration) as Jay-Z.

Tamsin said...

(my three year-old nephew's entire Thanksgiving consisted of olives. I was so proud.)

Vanessa & Tyler said...

oh oh Guys you just haven't had the RIGHT olives. Lets all go to Caputos for olives.

-vanessa from

cause I still can't figure out open id...

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

um, i have no commentary on olives - you know how i feel.

i do have commentary that you are dreaming about handless Rand. Eww. we need to have a sit down chat about what's hot or not. i think your radar is off (for now).

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Ew olives.

Kudos! Of course my question will not be whereupon do you get the best facial in the SLC but on how do you get on the Grand's good list. Is it because you are a blogger? If so, can you whisper into the ears of some places in Cali that they are just not tuned into the power of the blogger enough.

And by enough, I mean to offer me a stay.

I kid, I kid. Sorta. Likely if I tell you this next month when I'm into my MBA program, I will not be kidding.