Monday, January 18, 2010

Maple Lane

My friend Lindy is selling her lovely home on Maple Lane.

It's Maple Lane. Can you even? I feel like we should all be making pies, wearing aprons, writing novels in our copious free time, petting the beagle, lighting sparklers, listening to grandpa tinker in the garage, watching the clouds, putting on a parade, you know, like this is freaking AMERICA.

Holy cow.

That house.

Too late to move?

Someone should buy it. Someone who will still invite me to lunch and cut me dinner plate dahlias to take with me when I go back to my house with the no garden.


Morgan Moore said...

I love that house and it's so dreamy inside! They did amazing work on it. I'd move there. I'm just sayin.

c jane said...

I hope you are "not just saying that" Morgan Moore. The part about you moving there.


Camels East said...

The garden work is unreal. That's what I want to do in frontof my house, then a tropical storm hits. *sigh*

I love that house.

Erica said...

Gasp. I want it. A red door, a porch, AND amazing flowers?! Are you kidding me.

LJ said...

Hey, thanks for posting this Carina! We put so much love into that house so I do hope that someone fabulous buys it--and of course someone who will keep up the garden with cut flowers just for you!

Michelle Iverson said...

Oh my goodness, can someone spot me about $300,000.00! I want a home of my own so badly, and this one is a dream!