Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Rocked It

I listened to a lot of music in the past decade, some of it cool, some of it even hipper than you can imagine, so hip it hasn't even been composed yet . I started with a huge list and narrowed it down to the albums that I really loved. I listen to these albums, they make me happy, and isn't that what music should make you? There are far more artists I could have included if I wanted to include singles, but I like the idea of noting entire albums vs. just a song. I left out some big names, but once I analyzed my play count data (I'm a nerd, remember?) and looked at the albums that have stood the test of time, I found my songs.

And then to confuse you, I didn't rank them! Behold! Your moderately alphabetized list of music! To be enjoyed! Mandatory!

I love Alison Krauss' voice; it's perfection. My favorite track is the title track: haunting, beautiful, melancholy, and just love it.

It's the album that broke Regina to the world. I like Soviet Kitsch, the album that preceded Begin to Hope, but every single track on this album is brilliant. On the Radio, anyone?

I don't care if you just yelled out, "EWW! Jimmy Eat World?" Yes. Jimmy Eat World. Bleed American.

I love The Killers. This album. All their albums. I love Sam's Town and Day & Age, too. I can't get over their music, I heart it so. Their show was fantastic--I think Brandon Flowers might be the best frontman in the biz. Hot Fuss in particular reset the music world, leading to a revival of great, emotional, synth-pop.

Keane is underrated.

Oracular Spectaculor blew me away. Sound systems were invented for MGMT.

Great songs, great storytelling. Losing Lisa kills me.

Tori Amos' Scarlet's Walk is her post-911 letter to America. Ostensibly a concept album with the songs covering Scarlet's journey, this is a softer, more accessible Amos. Don't let that fool you, Scarlet's Walk is still a little edgy, but absolutely amazing.

The Strokes Is This It? brought back dirty garage band rock. Thanks, boys.

Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism blows me away. I don't know if there is a band that better encapsulates the aughts.


I can listen to Who Is Jill Scott? all day. Soulful, hip, fun, groovy, laid-back, Jill Scott has a way with you. I could have picked Alicia Keys to represent neo-soul, but I think Jill is less well known, and that's criminal.

A little French band that is still trying to get a bigger break, Phoenix is *cough cough* rising. I really like their music, and since I'm picking just one album per group, my vote goes to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

A few honorable mentions: 50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin', U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind, Weezer - Green album, and Postal Service's We Will Become Silhouettes EP.

What am I missing? I bet I missed something I really loved. Do you think it was a personal affront that I didn't pick Radiohead? What albums defined the decade for you?


Anonymous said...

Great list! I love so many on your list. I'll add: The Gorillas-Demon Days, R.E.M.-Accelerate, Beck-Sea Change, Amy Winehouse, Back to Black, Eminem-The Marshal Mathers LP, Green Day-American Idiot and Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand.

I was a college radio DJ from 1984-1989 and am a bit biased towards the music from that period and earlier and slightly later, but there is good stuff coming out now as well!

Just Mom said...

We have an overlap of three of the thirteen and then three that I have never heard of! Guess I better go listen. Fun post.

noelle said...

All I needed to see is that you listed all of the Killers albums so this list is good with me.

La Yen said...

Yes to many, and I will go listen to the others.

Petit Elefant said...

I think it's time you made me another mix CD. Also, I want to hate 50 cent so much, I DO hate him, but his music rocks.

Mrs. Organic said...

I can't believe I knew over half of these. I thought Postal Service was a nice surprise.

What? No Mayer? And although it's probably considered trendy, Owl City has grown on me.

{natalie} said...

what was that band i listened to on your phone at the killers? le roux or something like that? i need to download them.

Azúcar said...

Yes, La Roux. You need Bulletproof and As If By Magic.

rookie cookie said...


You need to get familiar with Harry Connick's "Oh My Nola".

Dorothy said...

This list brought me out of lurkdom. Your picks just gave me my second wind - which is bad because I need to go to sleep. I hate it when people thumb their nose at the Killers, like they're too good to listen to entertainment for the masses. And Tori Amos? MGMT? Keane? Jimmy Eat World? Yee haw. I'm excited to check out your other picks.

sara said...

Yummy list. Sadly I haven't listened to enough "new" music in the past decade to make a proper list of my own but I do love several of these. Thanks for the tips on the others!

[I will forgive you for not including Radiohead; many of your listees would probably put them as their #1 inspiration so that's tribute enough]

rookie cookie said...

I just remembered the Vampire Weekend album. So great.

Emily Hill said...

I don't branch out nearly enough when it comes to music. Thanks for the inspiration to do so. By the way, I'll trade you another gourmet caramel apple from The Chocolate Covered Wagon for a mix CD or two!

Jen, RN said...

I heart the majority of the albums listed (esp. Coldplay and The Killers and Jimmy), and I was about to list a couple of other albums to add to the mix-then I realized they came out in the 90's, which goes to show that I can't get out of the
90's. Oh well.
Wait-I just remembered-Brand New Deja Entendu. Such a GREAT BAND. LOVE THEM.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

I adore that Alison Kraus album. Do you like Nickel Creek? I love them. And Death Cab's Plans is one of my all-time favorite albums. I could listen to it all day and never get tired of it.

Also, I have to throw in They Might Be Giants. We like nerd rock around these parts and nobody does it better. And their Here Come the ABC's, 123's and Science albums are some of their best.

Camille said...

Oh, I love Alison Kraus! Excellent list of music.

I agree with Rookie Cookie - get to know HCJ! :)

the emily said...

you and my husband are meant for each other. at least when it comes to music.

TOWR said...

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes for "Hot Fuss" and "Hopes and Fears"!

I could never even hope to compile a list of my favorite music of this decade. Kudos on trying and succeeding!

Beeswax said...

Well, you forgot the Twilight soundtrack.


U got some stuff I haven't heard. I will go visit them on itunes.

Hopes and Fears was so fabulous, but their next album was blah to me.

And I love some death cab, but Plans is the one I play over and over.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I can forgive the Radiohead snub but what about Muse? Love their stuff and it seems right up your alley! (If you like the Killers and Phoenix, that is!)

Azúcar said...

Muse is fantastic.

There are ton of great albums that were released in the last two years, from the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Muse, Vampire Weekend, Black Kids, La Roux, Snow Patrol, Owl City (I prefer Of June,) and even Lady Gaga's Fame Monster, but I kind of want to wait to see if they'll stand the test of time. I love them all right now, but will I love them in four years?

Yes. I said Lady Gaga.

Kalli Ko said...

Where is Brittney Spears on this list?

I swear, it's like I don't even know who you are.

This is me said...

I am not a regular concert go-er and have only been to five (yes, five) in my entire life. Four of them were in this decade so I guess that is the music that defined the decade for me. Dave Matthews Band, U2 (with No Doubt opening), the Killers.

The fourth was the Dixie Chicks in 2000. But I am from Texas and must, therefore, be forgiven.

My only 90's concert? The Backstreet Boys. I live in shame over that one.

Azúcar said...

I think you can make a good case for Dixie Chick's Home, or Taking the Long Way as contentions for top albums of the decade. Home is fantastic and the backlash that curtailed the sales of the album was not only undeserved, but made a lot of people miss great music.

Camels East said...

It's like you opened up my library queue, but forgot two fundamental albums: Franz Ferdinand's Tonight, and The White Stripes. Have you heard Jack White's new experimental group? Genius. THANK YOU for not putting Muse. Stephenie Meyer tainted their good name for me.

b. said...

Absolutely Alison Krauss and the two Dixie Chicks albums you mentioned.

This is a great list!

I think I'm in need of another mixed tape from you too...pretty please? My kids stole the last one you made for me.

Michelle said...

The Kinks- oldie but a goodie, Fleet foxes, and Johnny Cash. I love seeing what other peoples music interests are- You little music snob you!

Azúcar said...

Michelle, and I didn't even list Arcade Fire, or Black Kids, Phantom Planet, Decembrists, or The Bravery. I didn't want you guys to hate me.

Deb said...

Lovelovelove your list, and comments. Sad that i need to remember to plug in music more often, but I do.

april~living the sweet life said...

I love Alison Krauss she got me through the d.i.v.o.r.c.e. years.

by...K@ Ashcroft said...

OMGosh! We are music identical twins!!!! sweetness!

I might also suggest,
Owl City and Jack Johnson
anything and everything on Norah Jones Radio @