Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Finisher

Years ago I was cutting squares for a quilt. I exclaimed happily how it would look so great when I finished and then I caught my sister laughing. "What's so funny?"
"You're not going to finish it."
"Yes, I am!"
"No, you're not. You never finish anything."
"I am this time!"
"I'll believe it when it happens," she snorted.

I got so angry about it that I didn't ever pick up those cut squares again. Really, I showed her!

I'm still afflicted by the same un-finishing I ever have been. Just when I think I have a project in hand I OH LOOK SOMETHING SHINY OVER THERE.

It drives my loved ones crazy. It would drive me crazy too if I remembered I was supposed to finish something or other.

I made a promise to Other Half: every day this week I am going to tackle one project, one abandoned area, one neglected space and fix it. I think it will help if I share with you exactly what I'm fixing and organizing (public humiliation at a task unfinished helps, right?) I'm going to try really hard to LOOK IT'S SHINY finish something I started. I can do this.

Day One:

The vintage sewing table!

  1. The vintage sewing table that I was going to turn into a bathroom sit-down vanity way back when I got it thrifting in the first week of December.
  2. The orange table has been in my family room for so long, poised to make it up the stairs after what would surely be a quick makeover, that I think I've started decorating around it. Maybe I don't want to move it! Maybe it should stay! Maybe I should stick with the original plan.
  3. Gift bag that we used to carry presents home from La Professora's house on Christmas Day. Still contains presents.
  4. Wrapping paper, yes, from Christmas Eve.
  5. The camera box from my new camera that I can't use because I don't have a memory card for it yet.
  6. The instructions for the camera that Other Half unfolded when I called in a panic from Costco to make sure I was buying the right memory card. Still have no idea if we have the right kind.
  7. Someone's PJs are on the floor.
  8. Someone's sweater and jeans on the floor.
  9. Baby wipes.
  10. Outgrown baby church shoes.
  11. Oh, and there's still a sewing machine inside the table that needs to be removed and the surroundings cleaned off.
This is going to be fun.


Kelly said...

good luck with your project. Perhaps as inspiration you should look up and watch the show hoarders. That may distract you though...

Sarahf said...

I like to think unfinished projects are a sign of an interesting woman. At least, I tell myself that when I come across material for skirts I never got around to learning how to make, half finished scarves which will stay forever on the needles because I've toally forgotten how to cast off... Really, I'm the most fascinating woman ever, if you use my theory.

Lindsey said...

I have the same problem! Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? That's a classic problem for ENFP's like me. Said one analysis, "Their greatest difficulty is not in initiating projects but in choosing among so many possibilities, setting realistic boundaries, establishing priorities and correctly assessing resources."

If you're curious you can take the test at and read more about the different types at (click on Shakespeare)
It doesn't really matter but I am fascinated by stuff like that.

Anyway. I am glad you are setting this goal. I hope it works out, because if it does you will give me hope for myself. :)

Lindsey said...

P.S. If it is any of my business who is La Professora and why do you call her that?

Michelle said...

Oh I'm an unfinisher too! And I don't like being teased about it.

But you can do it! You can!

Fig said...

Oy. Good luck.

Finishing a project every day for a week? Like something out of a nightmare.

BowlerGirl said...

This is referred to at my house as "start-itis" and "finish-itis". I commiserate with your start-itis illness. I think I came down with it about 10 years ago. I desperately need to catch me a serious case of finish-itis if I ever want to get rid of the clutter in my front closet. And the label "It seemed like a good idea at the time" is my crafting life in a nut-shell.

Mrs JP Chaos said...

I do think this has made me like you even more.

Rynell said...

I am inspired! Not sure how committed to finishing my own projects, but inspired. I can't wait to see when you're done. More photos, please.

Emily Hill said...

Is that the same vintage sewing table we saw while thrifting in December? I had hoped you'd return and buy it! When you're done tackling your unfinished projects would you mind tackling mine?

The Rookie said...

I take comfort in knowing there are others out there just like me.

I think I did so well in college because of completion deadlines enforced by some other entity. I need someone with a menacing sense of authority to enforce deadlines in my real life. Like, say, with the too-long-for-my-stubbies clearance dress slacks from two months ago I've yet to hem. Instead I stare at said pants (still draped over the chair in my bedroom, mind you) and curse my father for his genetic gift: short legs.

thedoodlegirl said...

You can do it! And ooh la la! How I love that vintage piece!

Petit Elefant said...

I'd wager you could make some money on eBay off the sewing machine inside.

Azúcar said...

The one in my garbage can? That one? Because it weighs 75 lbs and would cost $75 to ship anywhere? No, part of being a finisher is realizing when there is no possible way you can finish, and I will not fight the eBay chances for the sewing machine (although it is really cool...) NO. I will Be Strong. I already have an antique sewing machine as well as a modern sewing machine, and therefore cannot accept a third, even however temporarily, into the home.

Azúcar said...

Rookie, I buy clothes all the time and think I will tailor them. I rarely do. It's stupid. I need to stop it.

Azúcar said...

Lindsey, I am TOTALLY an ENFP. Aren't we great? At doing things other than finishing projects? We're a blast at a party!

Julia said...

Can we be friends? I need more friends like me.

Just the other day my friend looked at me, and my safety-pinned, unhemmed curtains and said, "I'm going to teach you how to finish things!"

And so birthed my theme for this year: Completion. My goal is either to finish, donate or trash all the items on my "To Be Done" list. It should be a banner year for my local DI.

Azúcar said...

Can we be friends? Yes. Let's spit and shake on it.