Friday, April 09, 2010


Happy birthday to Proximo, who turned three last week.

Yes, three.

Can you believe it?

You might remember how I was a medical mystery because he didn't want to vacate the premises.

A week later I dropped the first hint that I had post-partum depression (that didn't go away for a year.)

He made me give up chocolate.

I got annoyed when he smelled like other women.

How about the time his brother put shampoo in his eyes and salt on his head?

The bloody gore post when his sliced thumb was documented--WHAT? I told you it was bloody.

Or that time last year when he turned two.

And had a story told about him.

Some things you should know about Proximo:

1. He will eat you under the table. EG will have half a serving of dinner. I will have one. Daddy will have two. Proximo will have seven. That is not hyperbole.

2. He has a loving heart. His Tio gave him a foam sword for his birthday. "Go ahead," said Tio, "Hit someone with it!"
"But," said Proximo, his eyes brimming up, "I don't want to hit anyone!" and he cast aside the sword. And then turned it into a plowshare--who knew he was a blacksmith!?

3. He is not a blacksmith.

4. He will call me on the phone and ask me to make pasta and chicken for dinner, and demand that I come home and snuggle him. Truly. A phone call asking when I can get to him to snuggle.

5. He tried to fix the deck all by himself with Elmer's Glue today. Yup.

6. He is Felix to EG's Oscar. He gets bent out of shape when things are not put back where they belong. Our home will be a hard place for him to live.

7. We like him a lot and have had his contract re-upped for another year.


just jen said...

is it wicked of me to believe that the second child is always sweeter?

because i do, i really do.

Emily said...

Is it okay I now love Proximo as much as my own kids...maybe even more? Happy birthday, little guy!

Anonymous said...
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Brooke said...

um, i love this post and i love you. i've been thinking about you A LOT. and sending prayers. and i hope a little of that helps. xoxo

Cafe Johnsonia said...

I love that sweet boy. I still remember when you let me snuggle him at lunch when he was only 4 (?) months old. It made me want another baby. Then I had one. :)

Kalli Ko said...

Dilated to a freaking 7 Carina? Honestly, WHO DOES THAT??

I hope he just fell out at the end.

Happy Birthday cute boy!

Vern said...

Very good to know about the blacksmith thing. I was going to give him a call.

AzĂșcar said...

OH, Kalli. I was at an 8 when I walked into the hospital and they finally let me stay.

Being a medical mystery is extremely overrated.

AzĂșcar said...

Dear Brookie, we need to get together. I'm proposing your house, we can all come to you.

fijiangirl said...

Happy Birthday little man... I remember meeting him when he was still a babe...good times!

Kami said...

Happy #3 Little Proximo! He is one sweet little boy!

Emily said...

What a co-ink-i-dink. My daughter ate a bunch of Flinstones Gummy vitamins today. Your blog from 2008popped up and I clicked on it. Not only did it put me at ease. I still called poison control because I was compelled but they said the same thing as YOU! Then I thought hmmm Azucar, sounds familiar and low and behold I have read you several times because I follow CJane and NieNie. Small world, huh? Thanks, chica!

Deb said...

Proximo is 3???? Where has the time gone?! Happy Happy Birthday sweet Proximo!

Mojo said...

Happy Birfday!

Hey! I had post-partum too, but then it went away when I got pregnant and sort of came back after I wasn't pregnant. What the what?

Morgan Moore said...
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Morgan Moore said...

Shampoo in his eyes and salt on his head. That is a riot. Happy (very belated) birthday! xoox