Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mocktail Tuesday?

What is a mocktail? It's like a cocktail but without the alcohol.

What good is that, you ask? Oh, fine, I'll tell you. In case you haven't noticed, I'm Mormon, and we aren't the shot-downing sort. However, we still like a refreshing drink, and I love a fancy drink (girl.) Some people can't drink-drink, maybe because they tried that once and they became alcoholics. Others are pregnant, or driving, or whatever, so having a few mocktail recipes in your repertoire can be a good thing, Alky McGee.

I started throwing and attending mocktail parties in college. We'd gather as 90s hipsters (vintage dresses, vintage suits, vintage glasses, vintage music, think Swingers, Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, actual swing dancing,) and toast up the good life. There may have been cocktail weenies. I still love to throw a mocktail party because they are fun. Enough people have consistently asked me for mocktail recipes that I thought I'd try out a regular mocktail column. This is The Jet Set after all, and a mocktail fits in right cozy-like.

At first it was going to be Mocktail Mondays, but then the alliteration made me want to vomit. Mocktail Tuesday? Good enough for today. I'll leave it up to you guys to vote in the poll on the name (and in case you don't think your vote matters, let me remind you that I still haven't read Twilight because the internet voted and you told me not to.)

Today's mocktail is the Driven Mojito. Why? Because without the rum this drink is pure as the driven snow. And also you can drive after drinking it.

You'll need:
Club soda
Mint leaves
Simple syrup (SS)

How to make simple syrup: boil 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water for a couple minutes until the sugar is melted and the water reduces slightly. Cool and pour into a container (like a squeeze bottle) for later. Keeps indefinitely (or until your kids figure out that you've stored hummingbird-type nectar in their grubby reach.)

Take one tall glass, put 3-4 mint leaves in the bottom, squeeze 1/2 a lime into the glass, and then throw the lime down. Mash the leaves and the lime with a muddler, or the handle of a wooden spoon, whatever you got.

Add more SS if you're in a shame spiral, or less if you prefer drinks dry ("dry" in drink terms generally means not sweet, or less flavored.) Today I used actual sugar, only about a teaspoon (the average Coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar) and muddling the sugar with the mint and lime helps it melt. Fill the glass with ice and pour in club soda. Stir and serve (the ice usually keeps the mint and lime at the bottom, but I didn't feel like ice today.) Garnish with a slice of lime, or a not-smashed mint sprig.

(You can cheat and get the sweetened lime syrup, but I don't think it tastes as fresh.)

A variation of the Driven Mojito is to use tonic water instead of club soda. Everyone knows that tonic water is delicious AND treats malaria. True story. You'll need less SS because tonic already has some sugar.

Ching-ching, it's mocktail time.

(Before I get the correction, I know that the bottle is actually sparkling water, not club soda, and therefore not as fizzy, but it's what I had and also, r e l a x.)


Maya said...

ooo i vote for some mocktail recipes that don't contain carbonation! :-)

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Just learned what "dry" meant. Wow, my alky knowledge just tripled.

dalene said...

dang. i thought you were inviting us over for drinks. and i could use one already. (sans alcool of course)


L. said...

Or you can convert to Catholicism and use rum -- just throw away all your contraception. Trade-off time! Par-ty!

C said...

This is AWESOME!! YOU are awesome!! :) I'm going to have to bookmark this recipe. xo

Jared Heath said...

We have "Tipsy Tuesday" at my apartment complex, if the name tickles your fancy. :)

Rocketgirl said...

Dangit, now I'm all excited because I simply MUST make that drink, and all miserable because that party exists and I am too far away to crash it. And I'm pretty sure if I tried to throw my own, the husband would sit in the corner all night in his socialist star tee shirt (he loves to wear it when we visit my conservative parents too) making out with his iPhone and asking when everyone would please leave because hipsters make him nauseous.

But really, in the most adorable way :)

La Yen said...

Fetus wants mojitos.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I love me a good "nojito". I couldn't resist. Well, I didn't even try actually.

dmarie said...

mmmm! thanks for that! i love mojitos, and since i do not drink as well as i used to, i am excited to try this recipe...thanks!

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Love it!
Thanks so much for doing this :D

-your Heathen preggers Twitter friend

Tamsin said...

Hooray! For your next trick, tell me how they make the mango mojitos at Spark.

ali said...

I've always wanted to try a mock-mojito. True story.

I think you should throw a party and invite all of your blog readers. I'd come. Because I have nothing better to do most likely. But also I'd come to try the mocktails.

AzĂșcar said...

L - no contraception? Dealbreaker.

Jheath! Great to hear from you, and it does tickle my fancy.

Barb, you can't stop it!

Tamsin- I think they just add mango juice.

Ali - I like the way you think.

Anne-Marie said...

I do fancy me a fancy drink from time to time, but I don't get mocktails. But that does look good I must say...

girlsmama said...

I LOVE mocktails! My bro is a real live bar tender and thinks it's hysterical, but he's always willing to help me come up with something.

Camels East said...


I am totally into the mocktails, thanks to my husband's coworkers. They are not capable of socializing without a drink in their hands, and since we're Mormons, they know we don't drink. As dry as the desert, I was told once.

So, whenever the office comes over, we have mocktails in place, and put a bottle of IBC rootbeer in their hands when they come through the door. The best part is their reactions. "Rootbeer!? I love rootbeer!"

We help them see you CAN have fun without imbibing. And they DO have fun.

Although, I'm sure they always leave our house and head to Hooters right after.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Dude, you should just throw a peppermint lifesaver into a Mt. Dew. Totally the same.

Kami said...

Mocktail Monday! You know I'm all about vomit worthy alliteration.

ps. Dude...Marianne is funny!

Sarah said...

Yum! Maybe for CC we need to do a mocktail night!

Geo said...

Mocktail Monday coincides nicely with Family Home Evening. Yes to that. Anyway, Mondays need all the help they can get.

P.S. I like cheese.

acte gratuit said...

We have "Thirsty Thursday's" here in Japan. Unfortunately, Mormons aren't invited. So rude.

And I don't believe you've ever mentioned you were a Swing Dancer before?!? I spent a good portion of High School at "Swing Parties". Ya know...the Mormon version...dressed and dancing like we were the stars of "Swing Kids".

P.S. I'm thirsty.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE this idea. I don't drink (I have a heart condition) and even though I'm Catholic and many Catholics do drink, it's just never been my thing. Anyway, I'm always looking for fun and cool nonalcoholic drinks for myself and my so this is great.

love the word "Mocktail". Just perfect.

MomItForward said...

Put me on the mocktail party invite list the next time you have one. What about a cheese-tini?