Thursday, June 24, 2010

EVO '10

Turns out that I'm speaking this weekend at EVO conference.

Why me? Because I'm an expert.


I tried to tell Jyl and Rachael not to invite me. "You have to come!" they shrieked at once.
"No, you don't want me to go, I'm not good at conferences."
"What? You'd be so fun!"
"I'm disruptive."
"That's why were sitting next to you!"
And then I caved, because you'd cave too; they squeeze a person like some sort of mutant blonde-brunette-human vise until they get what they want.

As far as you know I'll be speaking about SEO and blogging, but let's be honest, things could go pear-shaped fast. I make no guarantees that I won't start talking about SEO and end up giving a quick, yet timely, lecture on Soviet collectivization and the resulting widespread famines. Also, how much Kristen Stewart bugs. ANYTHING could happen!

*Notable exceptions: calculus, Asian languages, ostrich farming, bear hunts, the internal combustion engine, Cairo, server upgrades, the PAC 10, industrial solvents, nuclear fission **, Patricia Cornwell, reciprocating saws,
casseroles, light welding, what in the H is happening in South Carolina politics, North Face clothing, tuber cultivation, and counterinsurgency strategy.

**Update: Am now an expert in nuclear fission. I looked it up.


Jill K said...

I'm coming now too, and am looking forward to hear you teach me about semicolons.

The redhead said...

I'd watch it around the Kristen Stewart topic. A room full of women, with Eclipse coming out next week. It would be like throwing a big bag of crap directly at a huge industrial fan (which is at full blast).

AzĂșcar said...

My feelings about Kristen Stewart can best be summed up in this infographic (warning: swears.)

And I pull punches for NO ONE.

amy said...

this post made me even more sad that I'm stuck at work during end of quarter instead of up at EVO. So sad. Great post

ali said...

well, you know a hell of a lot more than I do, I didn't even know South Carolina had political issues

ali said...

then again, I make it a point not to stay current with "current events" or "watch the news"

Emily said...

Carina, I love you. Wish I could be there to be enlightened!

Amy said...

Oh Lawsie how she bugs. Did you see her on JKL last night? She just awkwardly looked at the ground and tried to be all dark, twisty and above it all. ugh.

The Patricia Cornwell reference was the best though. What is it about her that makes America love her or even like her? Thankfully there are only 26 letters in the Alphabet so one day maybe she will have to stop.

Amy said...

I would be okay with whatever tangents you hit as long as it doesn't have anything to do with math. Then I'm done and daydreaming about food.

Also, my word verification is farditi and I find that very funny.

Annette Lyon said...

DO report back! I'd love to hear how you sent from SEO to, oh, Llama farming (because ostrich farming is off-limits).

the Lola Letters said...

I would personally stand up and start the slow clap to honor you if I were going to be at EVO, and if you happened to bash Kristen Stewart a bit.

Cannot stand the chick.

That cartoon was hilarious.

Vanessa said...

Darn me for having huge family things this weekend. Blah it is sounding awesome. I do not feel jealous at all. I do not feel jealous at all. If I say it one more time it will be I just can't. I am. Have fun!

vanessa inevergrewup.netine

martha corinna said...

What the H is happening in South Carolina politics really did make me laugh out loud. I NEVER laugh out loud, at least I don't tell people I do.

Quinn said...

I'm sure you're doing FABULOUS, Carina!!! BTW, was reading "Eat, Pray, Love" today and found that "Carina" means "cute" in Italian. It totally fits you!! xoxo

Anonymous said...
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Tzipporah said...

I had to click the link to the comic to find out who Kristen Stewart is.

Thank GOD I don't live with teenagers, is all I have to say.

Steph said...

It just so happens you are pretty much an SEO genius... I know soon enough anyone searching for baby animals, bumpits, or snuggies will find me... all thanks to you. Now... how is that for a claim to fame. You can thank me later. ;-)

Sean and Steph said...

I'v got you covered on the Pac 10, am slightly reliable when it comes to bears, and would LOVE to hear you all about Soviet anything. Dang it for living in Oregon!