Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Untipsy Tuesday: The Cranky Pineapple

Last Friday night I was invited to a manicures and martinis party at the Canyons.  I walked into the joint to see a line of Scandinavian-looking manicurists dressed in plain uniforms and behind them, a hard-scrabble looking singer with a guitar. He'd seen more than a few Friday nights.

I leaned on the bar, smiled at the bartender and said, "I think I'm going to be difficult."
"Dealing with difficult is my job description," he winked.
"I want a drink that doesn't have any alcohol," I said.
"How about cranberry and pineapple juice? " he offered.

And when that glass was empty, he made me another one.

I slid into the seat in front of the manicurist. Her blonde ponytail was tied neatly and her smile revealed braces. "Mesa, AZ" read her tag (of course it did.) She gently took my hand and removed the lingering polish. I leaned over and smiled at the guitar player, "Johnny Cash?" I asked.
"Any particular one?" he asked back, with a grin for a girl half his age and gravel in his voice.
"Folsom Prison Blues," I answered, and took another sip.

Meg the Manicurist painted silver onto my nails as I sang to myself, "But I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die."


Was there anything else I could possibly sing?


Tzipporah said...

I want your life. At least this particular Friday night. :)

ali said...

seriously, invite me next time, I think we'd get along. I wink too ;)

kami @ no biggie said...

Was it good for you? ;)

Kacy said...

Are you a reality TV show? Because you should be.

祐白祐白 said...
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The Demigoddess said...

I couldn't be more jealous. The two things I need right now are a drink-an alcoholic drink, that is- and a manicure. My fingernails need rescuing.

wendysue said...

When I think of not being able to come to Utah this summer I sing. .

When I remember I can't see Azucar, I hang my head and cry. .

Love the drink, AND the song (my Daddy brought us up singing. . .Daddy sang bass.)

Petit Elefant said...


Better? On an old scratchy LP.

Tamsin said...

Scandinavian-looking like me? :)

Azúcar said...

You better believe it ;)

Quinn said...

This sounds blissful!!!