Friday, July 02, 2010

Justin Hackworth's Show Tonight (In Case You've Been Living Under a Rock)

Justin Hackworth's 30 Strangers in 30 Days (2010) opens tonight.

(Hey Spooner, love this picture of you.)

Hackworth took the portraits of mothers, sisters, and grandmothers whom he'd never met. In lieu of a sitting fee, each donated to the Women and Children in Crisis Center. Which is very cool. The shelter is in a secret location to protect the abused and neglected in our community who need a refuge. It's a charity that I've supported over the years and that is incredibly important to me.

During the show, you could have your picture taken by Justin and also make your donation to the shelter.
You know, for kids.

26 West Center Street

See you there? Yes?


craftyashley said...

So sad to learn that I am, in fact, living under a rock. Crap.

Mrs. Ordinary said...

A shout-out on The Jet Set? Now I know I've made it. Thanks for the compliment--you're too kind. Now the real challenge--can you make a cake that looks like this photo?