Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Untipsy Tuesday: Brazilian Lemonade

I first imbibed this drink at our local churrasco joint. It was like falling into delicious, sweet, tart love. I knew the main ingredient had to be sweetened condensed milk (which might save civilization if we let it) and some sort of citrus.

What I didn't know, until my friend Miggy spilled the beans, is that the process is as important as the ingredients.

So in honor of Miggy and her sweet new baby and for the arrival of summer heat....

Brazilian Lemonade

5-8 limes
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
20 ounces of water

A GOOD blender
A strainer
A pitcher

Cut the limes in half, juice them a little into the blender, but not thoroughly, add the halved lime carcasses to the blender. You can quarter your limes if your blender is weak. Pour in the can of sweetened condensed milk (be careful not to cut your tongue if you attempt to lick the top of the tin.) Add about a large glass of water. The amount of water doesn't matter right now, just leave a couple inches of room in the blender for expansion. BLEND THAT SUCKER.

Action shot!

The whole thing, rinds and all, until as smooth as possible. See, the blender extracts all those lovely essential oils in the rind.

Pour the concoction through the strainer into the pitcher in a couple batches, pressing the pulp for maximum flavor. Discard the pulp as you go.

Add another 20 ounces of water, or so, to the pitcher. The mocktail should be like milky water, not thick. Taste it. Too strong? Add more water. Too sweet? Add more lime juice. Serve over ice.

And unlike other drinks or mocktails, when the ice melts, the Brazilian lemonade is even more refreshing.

Garnish ideas:
Lime slice (duh)
Mint (if you have it)
Spearmint (if you have that but not mint)

NO GARNISH (because you live on the edge and need no such frippery)

Addition ideas:
Cream of coconut
Grapefruit chunks
Lemon chunks

Go, make, and fast!


Azúcar said...

I don't know why my camera disappears every time I need to take a mocktail photo, but those are the breaks, man. You get cell phone pictures. Ain't you lucky?

Kristina P. said...

This is some of my favorite stuff. Now, I just need to buy a blender. We've been married over 6 years, and I've never had one. How can I call myself a Mormon?

Miggy said...

Hey...that's me! Yay for Brazilian Lemonade and Yay for shout outs. Holla.

Kacy said...

I need a new blender. What kind should I get?

ali said...

so um, is this something that I can order at a bar (virgin of course)? if so, forget the blender I'm heading out for happy hour. the one seedy bar in Provo........

ok, maybe making it at home is a better idea.

But next time I'm in a really classy bar-- watch out!

La Yen said...

I can vouch for this. Holla.

Azúcar said...

If you don't want to pay north of $400 for a commercial blender, the Osters do great work. PIctured is my Oster Beehive which is really powerful, pulverizes ice nicely, and looks good doing it.

Azúcar said...

I don't think most bars carry sweetened condensed milk, otherwise, yes!

Rynell said...

I have an Oster too. Works well all these 10 years or so.

Sweetened condensed milk to the rescue!

MomBabe said...

I have been seeing these everywhere, and I keep forgetting that I need to make them.

Angie said...

Former Brazilian missionary de-lurking here to tell you that is EXACTLY the recipe of the most refreshing drink I ever had on my mission. Oh the memories! And the joke is that all Brazilian dessert recipes begin "take a can of sweetened condensed milk" and end "and beat in a blender."

Excuse me, I need to go buy some limes now. . .

Sarah said...

Yum. I love this drink. Funny - I did post a Brazilian Limeade post on my blog about a week ago. Great minds think alike!

Azúcar said...

Good thinking, Sarah!

Angie, now I just need some feijoada and farofa! (No, seriously, get me some.)

Lindsey Johnson said...

We made this on Sunday. Mmm. I'm hosting a Brasilian BBQ at my house for our youth and their parents. Move into my ward and you can come...or just show up with your flan. Or just bring some flan over to my house whenever.

Angie said...

Azucar, (sorry, I am techy challenged and can't figure out accents). The churrascaria by my house (vegas, baby) has AWESOME feijoada and farofa--the head chef is from Minas Gerais, where I served my mission. So, come and visit. (I don't know if they'd mail very well . . . .) Ironically it's called Texas de Brasil. Feijoada is easy with a crockpot. Farofa requires mandioca (tapioca flour) which can be difficult to find. Pao de queijo is my personal weakness. I actually brought several bags of mandioca home with me in my suitcase from my mission for that very purpose.

Oh, and tell your friend Miggy, there is a difference between lime and lemon. Lemon is lima limao and limao is lime, but never not once did I actually find a lemon in Brasil but limes, now you can't go anywhere without finding them.