Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Cheesy New York Title Here!

I’m flying to New York tonight on the red eye to attend Blogher, work the Social Luxe Lounge, and I could not be more excited. Fact: Jenny has a flight at the same time that I do, only we’re on different airlines. This is our own personal Amazing Race where we'll race across the continental U.S. for absolutely no prizes! And also no Charla or Mirna (is that a plus or minus?) Bets on who will win? You had better bet on me or we’re not friends anymore. Hear that, Jenny? I’m creating a rift between our friends. FACE.

This is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, or so I’ve been told by MTV. I have also been promised that there’s nothing I can’t do now that I’m in New York (Jiu-Jitsu?) that these streets will make me feel brand new, that the big lights will inspire me. And if all of that doesn’t happen, I’m asking for a refund (only I don’t want to be ridden like a bus route.)

I have questions for you: how much do you want me to talk about the amazing, fun, crazy things I’m doing, or all the muggings I survive? Score your enthusiasm vs. your apathy; pick your own scale.

Second question: What should I not miss? And if your answer includes the word “Brooklyn” or “Staten Island” I’m not going to take your recommendation because I’m not moving to New York, I’m just visiting. If your answer includes the phrase “Statue of Liberty hat,” I’m listening...

On another scale of your choice, how awesome is the phrase “party in my pants”? Because I was thinking about using it in casual conversation on the subway (best to be on the offensive, right?)

Things I Will be Doing in New York:
1. Blogher
4. MoMA/Guggenheim
5. Empire State Building*
6. Eating street food that is not hot dogs
7. Eating a lot of food, period
8. Canal Street (for, uhm, stuff)
9. A rock music show
10. Walking
11. Upright Citizen’s Brigade?
12. A suggestion of your choosing

Things I Will NOT be Doing in New York:
1. Sleeping
2. Visiting the outer boroughs (exception for River Cafe?)
3. Going to Sbarro’s/eating in Times Square at ALL
4. Voting
5. Taking pictures with the naked cowboy (please)
6. Wearing shorts and sneakers
7. Be involved in a bear attack
8. Stand outside The Today Show
9. Going to the Robyn/Kelis show, Arcade Fire, Interpol, or The National because they are all the same night as Social Luxe
10. Going to the Magnolia Bakery
11. Attending The Daily Show/Colbert Report (no tickets)
12. A suggestion of your choosing

*Word on the street is that the Empire State Building is for suckers, that Top of the Rock is better, or Ellis Island, or The Statue of Liberty. Confirm or deny!


stacey said...

I've only been to NYC once but I would sell my soul to go back and/or live there. Seriously. So I can only offer my very limited POV. YES go to the Top of the Rock. SO beautiful! We got some amazing pictures from there and still got to see the Empire State Building. We also took the SI ferry as a cheap/easy way to see the Statue of Liberty. YES on Canal! I also have a mild addiction to Pinkberry & may have eaten there everyday we were there...sometimes twice...and maybe 3 times in one day. Maybe. Good choice not going to Magnolia. I loved 2 Boots Pizza but I don't know if someone with your sophisticated palate would. Mine is lazy. I ate a whole pizza myself. Street cart food IS amazing. I think I spent the majority of my time eating in NYC because we did so much walking. But it was worth it! And now I'll stop. I'm so jealous of everyone going to NYC. Have a great time!

Naomi said...

I just returned from a week trip to NYC last weekend.

Some things I enjoyed:

1) The Statue of Liberty. I was surprised since it seems so cliche, but I really had an emotional response visiting the Lady. I could miss Ellis Island.

2) A chocolate walnut cookie at the Levain Bakery. I continue to dream about them.

3) A burger and concrete at the Shake Shack. Undeniably one of the best burgers!

4) If you have time for a play/show, I suggest "Our Town." It was hands-down the best performance I have seen. Like EVER. It moved me to tears and that doesn't happen very often. And it also provides you with an opportunity to see how Helen Hunt has aged.

5) I also enjoyed visiting the NY Public Library and Bryant Park. I would move to NYC just to read in that building.

Kim said...

I think everybody should go to the Empire State Building at least once (preferably with someone who will act out the end scene from Sleepless in Seattle with you) but it's really not that impressive. Top of the Rock is pretty sweet and if you can book tickets to go up the base of the Statue of Liberty do it. It's unbelievably cool.

Have so much fun!

Christy said...

If you have a chance to go to the Chelsea neighborhood, check out the Food Network building. The whole bottom floor is full of fresh food markets and little places to eat. Awesome.

Erin said...

As a former New Yorker I'd recommended grabbing some Dim Sum in China Town (The Golden Unicorn--not on Canal Street), Central Park, and Carnegie Deli cheesecake.

I second your choice to avoid Magnolia. Cupcakes are overdone.

Also, the River Cafe is worth the trek into Brooklyn just for the scallops. Or if you can't make it to Brooklyn, I'd recommend Gotham--that place nearly put me into labor!


Fig said...

My scale is like ten parts enthusiastic to zero parts apathetic. I want it all, ESPECIALLY the shoes.

I second seeing the Lady. I too was surprised at my emotional response.

Also, I love the other Christy's suggestion. Awesome!

Also, I think you should sing the NYC song from Annie when you hit the airport. What? It's a great song!

I've done New York twice, and I would looooove to go again. So I'll be anxiously awaiting your reports, to help me plan my next (someday) trip.

"Lucky" said...

I've been once (for 3 days) and saw most of the tourist attractions via the red double decker bus tours (get on/off at any of their stops).

The ferry to see Miss Liberty takes a while back and forth, plus time on the island, so we opted to see her from the shore and felt fine by that.

Tiffany's was a trip with their security men posted all over the place (I felt like I was among the mob). Wanted to buy something but they were closing in 5 minutes :(

If you ask the concierge for restaurant recs you'll get names of places that are giving them a kick-back, not necessarily the best food. We didn't end up eating anywhere good enough to recommend.

The MoMA is ENORMOUS!!! Either map out what you want to see or spend most of the day there. The Egyptian exhibit is larger than it needs to be, so breeze through there if you're short on time.

The ONLY thing we missed was the Gougenheim. Enjoy it for us... we ran out of time.

La Yen said...

I think you should wear a business suit and some Reeboks and slouchy socks and pretend you are in the title sequence of every movie set in NYC from the 80s.

Beeswax said...

I second OUR TOWN. Best thing we saw last year, and only paid like twenty bones. Also liked Next to Normal.

I would eat deli food every meal if I could. I like carnegie for pastrami and cheesecake.

I also like the Frick and LES Tenement Museum.

noelle said...

i started writing things, and then it just got too hard and my brain got tired and so i stopped. it's not a reflection of how much i love you, and the lack of input will not have any impact on the fact that you're going to have So Much Fun.

Marianne & Clayton said...

I second street and deli food for every meal. Carnegie is good, but it seems to feed only tourists now, which you will be, but you know. I say ask ten New Yorkers and only eat or see what at least two of them said in common. So jealous by the way.

Amy said...

wicked. sorry i know it's cliche but come on. you are right there. see wicked. Bianca's in the village. It's like you are in someone's living room for dinner. A little old Italian lady that can cook the best Italian of your life. And I'm Italian. And a food snob. My creds are seriously up there. Biancas. Go.

Phil said...

Ellis Island is definitely worth it if you can trace back to someone (otherwise, it's just a history lesson and photo op), Top of the Rock at night is definitely cool, and MoMA has to be done simply because it's got such great modern design jazz. Back in June the Met also had some great modern stuff (not sure if they still have the exhibit), but worth a look. As cheesy as it sounds, I would recommend taking a little time to either walk through the park or just grab a spot, chill out in the grass somewhere and relax. Oh, and if you're in the mood to see what a "big salad" is actually like (from Seinfeld), I could try to find the name of the place near the park. It is a BIG salad. As for what to wear? Poncho.

Anonymous said...
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Laquina said...

The only thing I ever want to do when I go somewhere is to go shopping. So if you are in the mood to spend a little or a lot of money, especially on my SUPER well-behaved nephews then here you go.
1-Century 21 which your friend Noel also recommended for discount designer duds.
2-Soho. You gotta do it. I love it all and right by/in Soho is the awesome Japanese version of H&M called Uniqlo that has some great stuff sometimes and then Top Shop of course which was still "coming soon" last time I was there and it made me want to pull my hair out. Please go there.

And I know that you aren't so much a candy person but that will all change if you go to Dylan's Candy Bar because oh man. OH man. Floors of every candy imaginable. The boys definitely need a treat from there. And if you do go then I request por favor the salty licorice in the round form. They are Ricky's favorite thing in the world, just like in jolly 'ole England and they dance circles around the ones at IKEA. And I like them too.

I would go to NY just to hit the candy bar over and over and over and over.

Have fun and eat a cannoli for me.

~j. said...

I see your FACE and raise you yermom: Hackworths on my flight means more racing power.

liz stanley said...

ny pizza.bagel w/ lox. no empire state bulding and yes to street hot dogs. see you there!!

MomBabe said...

MY favorite part of New York is the fashion district. I HAD to take a pic with the giant needle and button. And Parson's. and I went into about 87 million stores to look at things like FRINGE and POM POMS and CHANTUNG.

I am also a huge dork.

Azúcar said...

Drool just fell out of my mouth and onto my QWERTY, MomBabe. Now I look disgusting.

kirsten said...

Oh, dude. You're choosing NOT to go see arcade fire or the national?

Now I don't know what to say.

the emily said...

You should go to Jimmy Fallon. Hi-larious.

i i eee said...

I vote no on the Empire and do something else.

The Atomic Mom said...

Personally, I love Ellis and the Statue of Liberty. They are both such inspiring places. I almost felt the need to be reverent the last time we were there. Have fun.

Sean and Steph said...

Shake Shack. Shake Shack. Naomi suggested it, I suggest it, and if you knew Jon Stewart he would recommend it too. DO IT. Conveniently enough, there is one one block west of the Natural History Museum, which is an amazing place and should definitely be towards the top of your list, higher than the Guggenheim, in my opinion. And I vote Top of the Rock.

Have an amazing time, I want to hear about all of it!!!

Julie said...

Thank you for not taking a picture with the naked cowboy. Really, thank you. MoMA!!!!!

wendysue said...

Are you still there? I recommend The Palm for a big juicy fantastic steak. Yes, Top of the Rock for sure, and be sure to see Ellis Island.

Tolly+L+L said...

Why no naked cowboy pictures?

Anonymous said...
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CKW said...

We were headed to the Empire State Building when we noticed the first H&M in the US was right down the street. So, we went shopping instead.

Worth It! :-)

Old School/New School Mom said...

You must try Mamoun's falafel. It is the best! It's on West 3rd and Macdougal. Trust me! I am a native New Yorker.

凱許倫 said...
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Likely said...

Did you happen on ABC home in your shopping whirlwind? Man alive. Or a Dean and Deluca Grocery store? They have to walk behind me wiping up the drool. And an authentic chicken cutlet sandwich. There is one pizza place that is supposed to be like some original delicious place, but it's not. trust that. what about Purl Bee -- the coolest fabric store ever? Love their japanese imports.

you aren't there anymore, so I am wasting my finger energy.

and I hope you didn't do pinkberry because Utah has like five BAJILLION KAZILLION yogurt stores now.