Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Timely Television Reviews!

I’ve been watching some old TV shows lately because, if you haven’t heard, this year’s crop of Fall shows have been pretty boring (except the new Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, that’s airing on PBS. Go watch immediately. Fine, finish reading this and then go watch Sherlock. You’re welcome, but maybe next time you'll invite me over?)

Family Ties
What do you know? Family Ties is still funny. Not in the slick way that new comedies are funny, but it’s a decent show with characters that aren’t annoying or gimmicky. I caught the pilot episode and remembered why we all fell in love with Michael J. Fox. I felt a bad for their little sister, Jennifer, because did she know that her name was the name of every girl born in the 70s whose name wasn’t Amy?
Good for: MJF, hippie parents, Jennifers, trippy house decor.

Doogie Howser, M.D.
Doogie Howser was not a show that I ever watched. It was on later at night, probably 7 or 8pm, and there was no way my parents would have let me watch it, even after we got a TV*. I think I caught an episode here or there because I remember his smart-alecky friend and the whole typing his diary on his computer conceit. Doogie Howser is almost unbearably sincere. Yes, a 13-year-old really is a doctor, he really does diagnose and treat patients with more heart than doctors triple his age, and yes, that really is Neil Patrick Harris. One of his patients, played by a woman who went on to star in Deep Space Nine as Kira Nerys the Bajoran militia officer*, in a fit of anger calls him “Dr. Puberty.” Ouch, burn!
Good for: watching NPH, getting a stupid theme song in your head, keeping your blood sugar sky high.

The Wonder Years
There is no way to explain how much I loved this show. I was the same age as Kevin Arnold: when he was in 7th grade, so was I; when he was in 10th grade, so was I. We grew up together. I taped the show religiously, held onto the tapes for years. It spoke to me, down to the retro everything. If I just described your devotion to The Wonder Years, don’t go back. Let it live as a pristine jewel in your memory, because the few episodes I’ve caught don’t pass my now jaded test. The editing seems so slow and laborious; the storylines weak and didactic.
Good for: just let it go, man.

The Cosby Show

It’s still funny. Maybe even funnier because now I’m a parent, not just a child.
Good for: always.



annily said...

when you're done with old shows, watch 'running wilde.' i can't stand keri russell, but it's still a ridiculous and funny show so far. we're also sort of loving 'raising hope,' but maybe it's only because the lead's painfully bad haircut is mesmerizing.

La Yen said...

We've been introducing Jooj to The Cosby Show this year; she loves it. And it still holds up. (Except for the eps that are too preachy. But they were too preachy then, as well.)

"I love you, Mallory. I love you, and you love me."

Adriel & Tierra Wakefield said...

I loved The Wonder Years and still do. In fact, I loved it so much that I found all the episodes on DVD on ebay about 7 years ago...and bought them...and watched every episode. Don't judge, it pulled me through a REALLY bad breakup.

Emily said...

We've caught a few episodes of The Cosby Show and still laugh. Like you said, I think it's because now we're parents facing similar situations. I often wonder if my life isn't a sitcom and I just don't know it yet.

Laquina said...

Mom once told me my twin was Kevin Arnold's high school buddy with the twitch who was always chewing gum because I had a bit of an eye twitch. Which now I think might have been because my mother tells me these things.

kami @ said...

I just googled the Doogie theme song and go the giggles. thanks for that! :)

Anonymous said...

When channel surfing, I will ALWAYS stop for The Cosby Show.

eliana23 said...

Cosby was the only show I was allowed to watch as a kid. My husband gets really tired of it but it ALWAYS makes me happy. Great post, thanks.

Jamie said...

I LOVE old shows, the Cosby show is one of my favorites.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I still love the Cosby show, too. When I was dating my now husband, I would get home late (like 1 or 2) and eat a snack while watching Who's the Boss reruns on cable until 3 in the morning. Good times.

the emily said...

I feel about Cosby the way you feel about Wonder Years. It's painful for me to watch now. But I still love the Wonder Years. Oh Winnie Cooper, I LOVE your long dark hair and shiny lip gloss. I wanted to BE her so bad.

Amelia said...

Who DIDN'T want to be Winnie Cooper. So tragic. So beautiful.
I love the Cosby show. It toally cheers me up!

Seymour Chase said...

a few years after we were married, it came out that i never liked the wonder years ...kind of hated it, in fact. my husband stared at me like i was lacking the base human characteristic that separates us from animals or robots. but i liked family ties and the cosby show.

Annette Lyon said...

Great memories all!

The Cosby Show in particular brings back great feelings--it was the show that connected me to home while we lived abroad.

(I grew up right with Vanessa)

Amy Jones said...

I had 3 college roommates named Jennifer (two of them at the same time). Family Ties must have saved me and my fellow Amy's from a similar fate.

Thanks FT!

acte gratuit said...

Actually, I hadn't heard. So thank you! Now I don't have to waste my time finding out!

I'll be sure to check out Sherlock. IMMEDIATELY!

Tamsin said...

We're really loving Sherlock too. Oh, British television - always infinitely superior.

Tamsin said...

We're really loving Sherlock too. Oh, British television - always infinitely superior.

MediocreMama said...

Here's the problem with shows back then....who has stairs in their kitchen? They did and I didn't and still don't and it's upsetting.

- Holly (Katy K.'s niece)

Holly said...

I loved the Wonder Years too. My Grandmother-in-law is named Winifred, which I've considered using for a girl's name, but can't actually bring myself to do it because everyone my age (and older) knows Winnie from The Wonder Years and I'd never escape that reference. Just like this girl I (kind of) know who just named her baby Evie, and all I can think of is Out of this World with Evie the half-alien girl, who talks to her alien father through that weird cube thing on her bedside table.

Oh, and The Cosby Show will never get old to me.