Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Pregnancy by Cravings

Corn Nuts. Because my fetus is in junior high.

  1. Nacho cheese Corn Nuts. Tried to swap out for BBQ Corn Nuts one day and ended up refunding. Things learned the hard way: you don’t want to refund Corn Nuts. (2 weeks.)
  2. Sour cream and chive baked potatoes. The only thing that made me feel human. Eat one and no tossing cookies for 90 minutes. Like magic bullet tubers. (One month.)
  3. Boursin and crackers. So continental. (Three days.)
  4. Meatballs! Ended mid-bowl when realized teriyaki meatballs are worst invention on planet ever. (Four days.)
  5. Chinese food. Affair abruptly ended after maiden voyage to Pei Wei Diner and a truly terrible take-out container full of Dan Dan noodles. (Two weeks.)
  6. Izze drinks. Bought two cases at Costco with coupon. Made it through 1.5 and then lost interest.
  7. Maillet tiny French gherkins. Expensive. (Five days.)
  8. Puffy Chee-Tos. There is no excuse. (One month.)
  9. Meat. Lunch meat, hunks of meat, meat, meat, and meat. (Three months.)
  10. Fresh mozzarella (Three weeks.)
  11. McDonald’s hot fudge sundae. Felt so bad/hypocritical about craving that tried to make own hot fudge sauce with three different recipes. Was not the same. (One week.)
  12. An entire pineapple.
  13. Carl’s Junior hand-breaded chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce. Drove past a Carl’s Junior recently and couldn’t even look in that direction without heaving. (Two weeks.)
  14. Greek yogurt and granola with dried fruit and flax seeds. (Two months.)
  15. Quinoa (Three days.)
  16. Pad Thai. Am now proud owner of 3 extra palm sugar cakes, giant bottle of fish sauce, tamarind pulp, two packages rice noodles, and a recipe to duplicate. Have sauce ready to go in fridge for immediate sharp pangs. (Four weeks, spread over multiple months.)
  17. Baja Chalupa. Blame La Yen. (One day.)
  18. Carrots. Ate a truckload of carrots, but not enough to turn palms orange. (Three days.)
  19. Naked Juice Protein Zone with pineapple and coconut. (Seven months.)
  20. Magnum bars--STEP IN WRONG DIRECTION. (Six days, so far.)
  21. Fish - (Entire pregnancy.)


La Yen said...

Don't blame me--blame the boy.
Interestingly, the Baja Chalupa did NOT raise my insulin levels. So there must be meat in there SOMEWHERE...

sara said...

I love it. The only preg craving strong enough for me to remember was Arby's roast beef sandwiches - for several months when I was carrying twins. I would get the 5 for $5 deal, eat 3 of them myself and have my husband eat the other two.

Nemesis said...

My cravings usually only lasted one day--once I finally had the food I wanted, I didn't want it anymore. I probably should not have eaten that entire jar of pickles, though . . .

I had a pad thai craving too! Had some for lunch and then drove back to get more for dinner.

AzĂșcar said...
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AzĂșcar said...

I didn't eat them every day, but that's how long I obsessed and thought about them. Pathetic.

Tamsin said...

My only real craving was for fruit and vegetables, and that lasted the entire pregnancy. While that was all well and good and healthy, I sort of wish I had a midnight quest for nachos story like everyone else.

Michelle said...

Awesome list.

You just made me crave Thai food. But I'm most definitely not pregnant. :)

Laura: The Sushi Snob said...

My mom craved Mexican food with her oldest, was introduced to sushi during that pregnancy, and craved it with the rest of us. Don't talk about how you're not supposed to eat sushi--she ate it and never had any problems, so there!

ali said...

you're making me sick.

Stepper the Mighty said...

wait...7 months?! How far along are you?

Loved this post. Loved it.

Andrea R said...

One pregnancy I craved tomato juice and V8. I could not get enough of it -- drank it by the gallon. I can no longer bear the thought of tomato juice...

Natalia said...

You definitely have variety in your cravings :)

Petit Elefant said...

I'm not even pregnant and I can't STOP eating Indian Food. I'm making up for all the food I puked when I was pregnant.

Newspapermom said...

I can relate all too well.

It gets expensive to buy what you think you can stand only to hate it.

This baby has taken over my taste buds. She is fickle.

Hamburgers bleck.
I hated meat (I'm ok with it most days now).

I couldn't even handle fruit some days.

My husband knows better than to plan dates in advance. What sounds good today I will hate the thought of by the weekend.

I seem to consistently like candy bars though. Dangit. I used to pride myself on eating healthy!