Thursday, April 07, 2011

Proximo's 4th Birthday!

His body is lengthening, limbs stringing out, knobby-inside knees that are mine. He looks older.

Most days he hangs on me like a stole. Today, as I sat at the table helping his brother with homework, he climbed to the top of the chair and leaned over my head, stretched his arms around my neck, and made a right angle.

Have I told you that 4 is my favorite? It is. It's my favorite age. 4 is the reward for the hard work of 2 and 3. It's before the emotional neuroses of 5.

He planned his birthday party himself. We were going to a park, there would be balloons, and lots and lots of friends.

We disagreed about the cupcakes. I wanted them, he didn't.
"NO," He said, frowning* at me, "I want a CAKE."
"But a cake will be hard to cut for your friends at the park."
"Look! Here are a bunch of cupcake liners, red, blue, green, and you can pick which ones you want if you have cupcakes! If you don't like them, I'll make a cake." After some consideration, and another frown, he conceded, ".....FINE. Red AND blue."

Devil's food with raspberry filling and marshmallow tops. They were ridiculously delicious, and I don't even like cake.

So many friends to play with! Not having to be the tag-along little brother! Friends just for him!

You see that black haired vixen? That's his crush. He made her a special Valentine. He calls her "Weesabella."

Proximo decided he wanted to ride home with his Tia Jeffiner. This is what happened in the parking lot on the way to the car:
Tia Jeffiner, "So, Weesabella is fun, huh?"
Proximo, "Yep, she's fun."Jeffiner, thinking she's digging a little deeper, "She's kinda pretty, too, huh?" Proximo stops and gives her the famous frown* and says,
"Weesabella's prettier than you."
Jeffiner gasps, "What? No, she's not."
"Yes, she is."
"No, I'm Tia pretty."
"No, she's jus prettier."
We're just different kinds of pretty."

3 months

1 year

18 months

2 Years

3 Years


(*the famous frown)

Happy birthday, baby!

The beautiful birthday party pictures were taken by Tia Jeffiner, the Fotohok, who's an amazing photographer, and available for your kid's birthday, or other life event.


Bebe McGooch said...

Happy Birthday to Proximo!

I kid you not, just yesterday I was thinking about him, and when he was born, and how you loved chocolate chip cookies. He's ridiculous cute. Always has been.

Tyla said...

Aww! Happy birthday to your little one. My little boy had his first crush at 4, too. Her name was Alexis, but he always reffered to her as "the spirit of love." No joke.

Again, big birthday wishes to Proximo!!!

Hilary said...

It is amazing to see how kids grow up, how those faces change. Always amazes me.
I do also love four. It's kind of the best. :)

Kalli Ko said...

Those glasses make me want to die of happiness.

Happy Birthday Proximo!

Sara said...

awwww! The Kid here is 4 and 1/2, and was extremely disappointed that he didn't get a separate party for his "1/2" birthday. I'm pretty sure 4 is the reward for not killing them when they're horrible little 3 1/2 year olds.

kami @ said...

Aww, Happy Birthday little P! I love looking through the years. My favorite is the famous frown. What a sweet boy soon to be big brother.

Janine said...

Ahh his glasses are so cute! Happy birthday to your guy!

Laura--The Balanced Housewife said...

I don't know. Four is also when they figure out the art of manipulation. *sigh*