Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everybody's Problem

"Are you excited to not have a pregnant wife anymore?"

"Well, kind of. It goes from just your problem to everybody's problem..."

I told him that I seriously want to consider naming the baby something from the Arabic tradition. (I've been reading The Looming Tower lately because I've owned it for three years and it was about time.)

Even though I truly do think Arabic offers beautiful girl names, mostly I think it would be funny to piss off my in-laws forever. Baby Noor. I like it. Yes!

I hear, however, that naming babies to spite other people's silly prejudices isn't the best idea.


In other news, the boys got the most awesome road trip survival box of Cars and Cars 2 things, and you can win one for your Cars fanatics, too. Hop on over to Jet Set Galore (Hint: portable DVD player!) to enter.


Kalli said...


word verif: misti

also, name suggestion

you could go with Misti Woods just to be mysterious

Vern said...

Before you completely rule it out, just think of all the different 7-11's she could run! Thousands of stores WORLDWIDE!

the emily said...

Congratulations! I hope everything went well and can't wait to see pictures of that baby, if you're willing to share!

sarah k. said...

You know one of my kids has a Farsi name, right? But it wasn't done to piss anyone off. Have you read the names section of Freakonomics yet? That might steer you away from desirable names such as Brittney and McKenzieyeeieh. You could beat everyone else on the boy-names-turned-girl-names front, and use a higher socio-economic gem like Allistair. Or you could just name her Buffy.

Tzipporah said...

We DEMAND baby pictures!!!

(Oh, and mazal tov, too)

AzĂșcar said...


Laura: The Sushi Snob said...

Whatever you do, don't name her LeStar.

That's my brother-in-law's mother's name.

Yes, she's white.

I pray she never lives in the vertical south.

the emily said...

Oh. I thought the first line of this post meant you'd had the baby. Heh.

Polly said...

I love the name Noor- I have been pushing for it in the event that by some miracle I ever have a girl.

And I have a niece with the Farsi name Kirtee (which a Pakistani cab driver told us what it meant and now I can't remember).

And our youngest was named from a name in freakenomics (Beckett) only my husband didn't tell me that was where he got the idea until I had signed the birth certificate.