Monday, May 09, 2011

The Loss of Two Loved Ones

Thursday night EG casually mentioned over the dinner table that his new, week-old soccer ball was stuck in a hedgerow. The little bully had tried to kick it over our neighbor's 14 foot tall hedges and the ball had disappeared. J immediately left the table and took EG with him to retrieve the ball. They arrived back home 15 minutes later, J in a mood and EG crying. No ball. "How could you let him take the ball out?" J asked me. "I didn't know that he wasn't supposed to take it," I responded.

So in my guilt, I took EG, my belly, our long rake, and walked over to the hedges. I spent an hour and a half poking every square inch of that row. All along the top on both sides, in the middle, on the bottom, parting and looking, with no success. By the end, I was covered in dirt, old evergreen pieces, dust, and scratches. I found three balls, two drink containers, an old bird's egg, a shoe, and a frisbee, but no soccer ball.

I walked over to the bully's house to ask his parents to come search, but no one answered. Because of course not. My scratches began to well up into hives. EG looked 4 shades tanner from the dirt that coated him. I drew a bath and went to go find him a towel. When I went back into the bathroom, the tub was almost full and he was sitting between the tub and the toilet...
with my phone
on the edge of the tub
trying to unlock it.

I screamed.
He looked up, tried to grab the phone, and accidentally pushed it into the tub.
I screamed again.
I screamed some more.
I panicked.

J took over EG's bath. 

Phone insurance comes with a deductible, did you know that? And did you know that if your deductible is more than the phone is actually worth the insurance company doesn't care? It could be that the insurance company is even in the middle of a class action lawsuit for trying to make people pay more in a deductible than the phones are worth. But none of this will help you. So you call T-Mobile back and when the nice customer service girl answers, you might start crying. Which means they send you to Customer Care and give you a brand new, much nicer phone for almost the same price as the deductible.

The next day when EG asked me to text his friend's mom to ask if he could play, I got to say, "I can't."
"Remember when you drowned my phone?"
Proximo helpfully reminded me that I could just go get a new phone at the phone store.
"I hope they take pies," I thought to myself.

A couple months ago I had a funny feeling that did not turn out to be heartburn or my usual cocktail of guilt: time to start backing up my computer. My laptop stores all my work, my music, and years worth of my kids' pictures. I signed up for one of those automatic online backup deals.

So when my hard drive died on Friday and Saturday, I was frustrated, but not devastated, and there is a difference, I tell you what. Nick came over to my house Saturday night and gave me the diagnosis. He also offered to help me get it all up and running again, which is why he is going to win at life. Go buy his wife's album.

My phone and my laptop in 24 hours.

Oh man. It's like I'm a pioneer. A pioneer who has to use my husband's tower and barter for computer time. A pioneer who has to use her land line! (Only it's not really a land line, it's VOIP.) I'm trying to treat this constant downtime with some appreciation. Don't people preach all the time about unplugging and living in the moment? Well, I don't approve. Not being able to Google/tweet/calendar/text/call everything, all the time, and immediately, stinks. If I wanted to be in an old-timey re-enactment, I would have signed up for one.


TheOneTrueSue said...

Many narrow escapes there, my friend. Who do you use for automatic online backup? Between you and Kristen I'm feeling mighty paranoid today.

Still snorting over old-timey re-enactments.

Tzipporah said...

OK, not funny. i saw teh headline and scanned down til I saw something about a kid and a bath and an ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE and was afraid somebody had been electrocuted.

Well, somebody with a heartbeat, anyway. Sympathies on the phone. And GOOD JOB on the backups!

Debra Fotheringham said...

Wow. What a crappy weekend. Let's hope this week is much better.

I'm glad Nick could help in some way. He does nice things and I reap the benefits.

Kalli Ko said...

I need to backup my stuff too. I have most of my photos on photobucket, and on a hard drive. But still...

Donna said...

my hubby is fanatical about backup...we have the online thing too...carbonite, i think. but when my work laptop was stolen out of my classroom earlier this year, and i had NO backup of 24 years worth of work...well, let's just say it wasn't pretty.

fijiangirl said...

O.k. you are the winner! Even though I am a mom of 4 under age 9, a part time worker, and basically single mom as my husband commutes to a job far, far away and attends law school at night... you are the winner!

P.S. please keep posting things as it makes me feel like my life is somewhat normal. Now I must go and make sure my 7 year old doesn't drown my almost 2 year old.

BTW... Happy late Birthday, I failed miserably in acknowledging your birthday this year.

ali said...

my hard drive died once, I thought I lost everything. It was the worst feeling in the world, I felt completely helpless. Luckily a friend was able to recover everything and I've been preaching the gospel of backing up ever since.

The computer guy told me, it's not a matter of "if" your hard drive will die, it's a matter of "when."

Amy said...

Oh technology, how we love thee.

Bebe McGooch said...

Happy Mother's Day?

Bebe McGooch said...

And reading the comments, I think I failed to wish you a happy birthday as well. But nothing informed me to remember.

This is solely technology's fault.

Rynell said...

I'm so glad you survived. My husband accidentally knocked my phone into a pot of water last fall, but I still had my internet for those two whole days I was without my phone.

Hilary said...

I often think -- it's like I'm a freaking pioneer! Darn it to all heck.
I hope you get good new stuff.
Every tragedy is extray tragedy-ish when thou art preggers.