Friday, May 20, 2011

Tweet-up Monday Night at Rodizo's Grill

On Monday night J and I will make the long, arduous journey to Salt Lake for dinner at Rodizo's with a whole bunch of other bloggers and Tweeters. I love Tweet-ups; it's fun to meet people you interact with but have never in met in person--unless they turn out to be hygienically challenged, which is not as much fun, but does create "interesting conversations" about natural deodorant.

See that pineapple? It's mine. Hands off. Also hands off: the fried bananas and those little mini cheesy breads.

Confession: I will break my 10 minute driving radius for food.

This is your chance to ask J every math question you've ever wanted to hear the answer to!

Confession: Good luck getting him to talk.

You get to hear J's opinion on blogs and Tweeting!

Confession: he will give you the side-eye

If you want to join us on May 23rd, Rodizio's is having a special four-course meal with dessert for $19.99 a person just for the Tweet-up/Blog peeps. You just have to mention that you read about it here.

1 comment:

vanessa said...

Do I get one million points for sending them your guys' names? I could not go so sent her a couple to invite in our place. I will actually try NOT to even think of all of you there having fun and eating that blessed pineapple.