Monday, June 06, 2011

Don't worry, everyone! I am still pregnant! And it was hot today!

(Lawsy, I can't do many hot days and be this pregnant. I know you were all fussing about the rainy Spring weather, but I needed it--so I could survive and not commit any violent crimes.)

When my midwife told me last week that I wasn't having a baby this week or next, I said, "THANK YOU."

See, I know, even if everyone else thinks it will be at any moment, it won't. Don't get my hopes up otherwise. Baby can't come until the pillows are done and I find the perfect nursery lamp. And I come out of the deep denial I'm in about how I'm going to manage to have a baby, work from home, grow a business, and keep my home and family together. It will be fine, nothing will change, everything will be perfect! Magic!

Lawsy, lawsy, lawsy.

The boys on Mother's Day, when they brought me breakfast in bed.

Ever since Mother's Day, EG will just show up with breakfast in bed for me. I have no idea how he latched onto this idea, but there's nothing quite as delightful as waking up to a banana and berry "face" in the morning with a glass of water. Maybe he feels bad that he got me sick with this deathly cold that I can't shake. Maybe he should feel bad about that; it's like a last minute "screw you" from the free germ exchange known as elementary school.

*hacking cough*

I hate not being able to yell at their beautiful faces, really cramps my style.

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Kelly said...

I too have felt that the worst side effect of having a cold is the handicap of not being able to properly yell at one's children. Hang in there!

dmarie said...

i love the breakfast in bed thing. the photo of my mother's day breakfast is hilarious! more food than i could ever eat. plus, sliced lemons. since she likes them, she thinks i may want them for breakfast.
best wishes for a peaceful end of pregnancy, and prayers for a smooth delivery!

Stephanie said...

When the nurse said OH looks like you will be having a baby today...I replied..Oh nop this wont Mom will be arriving and the house isnt cleaned...I will be back in a few hours...they wouldnt let me leave!

I have a give away on my blog I would love to share!

Laura: The Sushi Snob said...

The doctor told my mom that she had a good two weeks left before baby #1 would be born. One day later, she was in the hospital, having a baby.

Just a warning... ;)

amy said...

from a kindred sister... i've had a cold, too, this week. and my daughter really exploits the fact that i can't raise my voice at her, say, when she's trying to run across the parking lot. second, working from home - i do that, too, part time, and i feel guilt-afflicted about it, because, you know, while it's awesome to be able to work around your family and home, i have yet to master the balance of not feeling like i should be working every free second i have. is there no pleasing me?

Kalli said...


wf: flerf

as in, "try not to flerf when pushing out that baby"