Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tractor Raising!

It's no secret that two of my favorite local restaurants are Communal and Pizzeria 712. I love that they use local ingredients whenever possible. Some of you are neighbors with Clifford Family Farm, which provides eggs, honey, greens, and other ingredients to restaurants and the community.

The time has come for Clifford Farm to get a tractor, and the guys at Communal and P712 are throwing a tractor raising! What's that? Why, a special dinner on August 1st to raise money to help Clifford Farm get a tractor. Tickets are $20 each, although additional donations are welcome. If you're passionate about locally owned restaurants and local, sustainable foods, I'd think you'd be interested in helping the Cliffords with their tractor raising. You can find out more here.

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Barett said...

What a fun idea. I just reposted about the tractor raising on my blog where I encourage others to get involved in philanthropy. Thanks for sharing and good luck!