Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pre-packed Clothes For When Mom Travels

One of my anxieties when I travel is what my children will look like when I'm gone. I have visions of barefoot, raggedy children whose hair hasn't been combed in a week and sport a perpetual orange Dortitos crust around their mouths.

During the summer it's no big deal, but I shudder to think about my children going to school looking, at best, like no one loves them and at worst, like Dickensian street urchins. J is a smart enough fellow, but he can barely dress himself in clothes that go, let alone the children. In any case, I'm pretty sure that pants are always optional when I'm gone.

So this time I devised a plan:

Step One: Write the name of the day on a paper bag for each day that I'd be gone. Wednesday was picture day at school so I was particularly concerned with what my kids would be sporting.

Step Two: Fill the bag with the complete outfits for each child, including socks and undies.

Step Three: Fold over the bag and set in a convenient location. Grab and go fashion!

This worked out well since J only had to grab the bag as he was about to drive the kids over to grandpa's house where they'd dress and spend the day while he worked. Nobody likes to have to think about outfits and find socks at 6:45am (well, no one in their right mind.)

Guess we'll see how this idea really worked out when we get the school pics back.


brinestone said...

My kids probably look like street urchins a lot of the time because they insist on choosing their own clothes. If I pick something out, they are 100% NOT going to wear it. One day Lego (my five-year-old son) put on a long-sleeved church shirt with some nice church shorts and sandals. I told him that shorts go with short sleeves, but he wouldn't budge. I actually had the gall to start unbuttoning the shirt so he'd actually look nice at least at church, and he started to cry. He got right into my face and said, "I. Can. Wear. WHATEVER. I. Want."

I let him wear it.

But if you can get your kids to wear what you want them to, more power to you. I'm sure they look more like someone loves them than mine. Hahaha.

Lauren Parks said...

you are a genius. :)

noelle said...

how did you get so smart?

Mary said...

Such a good idea! Because my girls always do look like orphans when I'm gone. My husband is wonderful at many things, but girl hair is his Waterloo.

(And he also believes that teeth brushing is optional, but that's a gripe for another day.)

fijiangirl said...


The Atomic Mom said...

Bag idea = pure brilliance!