Thursday, November 10, 2011

Single Parent Scholarships!

Get an education.

Yes, you, the girl who is coasting along in school. Go to college. It's important. You need something other than your high school degree. Why? Because you could be Megan, who became a single parent and needed to support herself and her child.

(I don't think you should just get an education JUST because you MIGHT become a single parent, I think you need to get one because you are an important person who deserves all the benefits of higher education. Full stop.)

A confluence of events lead Megan back to school so that she could support herself and her daughter. A scholarship opportunity changed her life and will make all the difference for her child. There are other single parents out there who struggle to provide for their children. LDSBC is gathering donations that go directly to scholarships for single parents, especially mothers, to help change the course of their lives. You can help. Click on the box below to help fund a scholarship. Make a difference.

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