Tuesday, January 10, 2012

About the New Girl Scouts Cookie: Savannah Smiles

The movie was better than the cookie.*


Thank you.

*Disclaimer: I haven't actually eaten the Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies, nor purchased any Girl Scout Cookies of any type in the past 18 months (broke,) and while I usually prefer Samoas and Thin Mints (who doesn't, Trefoils,) I can't tell you definitively that Savannah Smiles are delicious or not delicious, but that the name does offend me as someone who saw Savannah Smiles approximately one million times in the early 80s and considers that movie a wonderful example of the "bumbling kidnapper" genre, which genre name I just invented, and as a movie that still functions as a time capsule view of the area surrounding my hometown, I simply find it annoying that no one, especially not respected journalists, has even mentioned Savannah Smiles as being a movie FIRST and not a cookie.

Amen and pass the Oreos.


wendysue said...

I saw that picture and immediately said, "BOOTSIE!!" :)

noelle said...

Hear hear!!!

Also, do you know where I can buy Girl Scout cookies?

Emily Foley said...

"Bootsie, can I have some rubber duckies for my bath?" My FAVORITE movie growing up. I sing "There was one little duck, swimming in the sea..." to my kids every night.

Anonymous said...

I loved that movie so much as a kid, after seeing it I immediately told my Dad I would name my first daughter Savannah. He bet me a steak dinner that I wouldn't. I still owe his that steak.

Tiffany said...

EVERY time we make mashed potatoes in my family we say "You like my taters, Alvie?" .

"Born and raised in the briar patch - La la la la -- la la la la -la la la laaaaaaaaaa." that was my favorite scene :) loved that show.

TheOneTrueSue said...

THANK YOU. That was one of my favorites as a kid. I cried at the end ("Won't forget?") every single time.


Marianne & Clayton said...

Do you want me to really bum you out? Savannah died. Well, the actress who played her did. Isn't that so sad? Love the movie too. Bought it online a few years ago full price and never regretted a penny.

La Yen said...

That's EXACTLY what I thought. Maybe they want us to get some sort of creepy Stockholm Syndrome towards their non-Samoa/Thin Mint/Tagalong $19 cookies?

And I never understood why she liked her kidnapper so much. Mostly because where I grew up kidnappers dismembered kids. Thanks for scarring me, KTLA News Channel 5!

Heather M said...

Amen! :)

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

We named our daughter Savannah after this movie. Um, but the cookies will not be purchased on this household. Weird.

acte gratuit said...

Loved that movie.
And my BROTHER named his first daughter Savannah. He wont admit it, but I think it was because of the movie.

Another favorite of the genre? "No Deposit, No Return".
Wish I had that on DVD for my boys.

I am LoW said...

I live in Savannah. And we do smile, votes most friendly city many times. Maybe that is where the name comes from, and not the movie. :)

And we have a camp site which is named after the founder of the girls scout. We went to girls camp there 2 years in a row, worse camping place EVER.