Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Raisin Defense League


That’s IT.

I like raisins. I do. I think they’re delicious.


from the pedia of wiki

Know what’s even better? When raisins are in stuff: trail mix, cakes, oatmeal, granola, cinnamon rolls, strudel, and cookies. I just blew your mind, boom. You’re welcome.

However these days it seems that raisins have fallen out of favor. People hate raisins! No really, they despise raisins. Guys, they’re just grapes. You love grapes. Everyone loves grapes. People who don’t like grapes probably hate Christmas, mothers, snowflakes, and baby dolphins.

But back to hating raisins. Raisin hatred is endemic, no, it’s pandemic. “Eww, it has raisins,” people say. What, you don’t like little drops of sunshine in your food? They even pass on cookies because they have raisins. Not eating a cookie because it has raisins? That’s bananas. I’ve even seen raisin hatin’ plaques on people’s walls. There is ANTI-RAISIN DECOR.

Even my children have turned on me. “I hate raisins,” they say.
 “No, you don’t,” I answer.
“I don’t want that cookie, it has raisins!”
“But you just asked for ants on a log and that’s just celery with peanut butter and raisins.”
“Well, I just don’t like raisins in cookies,” My stupid four-year-old says. What does he know, anyway. 

(NOTHING. He knows nothing.)

I like to soak raisins before adding them to baked goods so they’re plump and juicy. I even like when one of those raisins gets to the bottom of the cinnamon roll and it’s a little hard and burnt on one side. My mother-in-law uses chocolate covered raisins in oatmeal cookies (tell me that’s not a stroke of genius.) If anyone asks, the Kirkland brand chocolate-covered raisins are the best. I think raisins in my curry are delicious (like this seena with raisin curry.) In Morrocan foods raisins are divine; sweet bursts in warm spiced savory tagines.

I don’t know how you can hate raisins, unless you also hate world peace. And golden raisins? You stop right there. I listened at "golden," but you had me at “raisin.”

Raisins do not deserve your hatred. They deserve your adequate respect and healthy snacking.

So let’s hear it for Raisins! Be part of the Raisin Defense League! Don’t let them get bullied into some sort of dried fruit purgatory. Stand up for raisins, because raisins are good and right and awesome.

Heck yeah, RAISINS!


Kalli said...

Grapes are grapes, raisins are an abomination from their natural state. That's like arguing that cow shit is just grass, which, it is! But no.

kami @ said...

You are killing me!

ps. ew...this post has raisins.

soybeanlover said...

You got me! I hate snowflakes and raisins. Fortunately for you, the rest of my family disagrees with me. Everyone loves it in their curry.

Grapes, meh.

Sultanas though, those totally fly in my book(I know, it's weird).

TheOneTrueSue said...

I like raisins but the sugar kills me now. Still, put me in the same room with an open box of raisins and I'll eat some anyway and then just deal with the resulting stomach-ache.

Blue said...

I ♥ the raisin. Stating that my family is luke warm on them would be exceptionally generous. I'm pretty sure a couple of them (the ones who are shorter than me) would avoid foods they otherwise love, that contained raisins. This I do not understand.

I used to think that golden raisins were made from green grapes, and the dark ones from red grapes. Till one day I decided to MAKE raisins (because I love them that much. Also, grapes were on sale for cheap) in my food dehydrator, and lo, the green grapes turned into dark little raisins.

Which made me wonder how to get golden raisins. So I inquired of Uncle Wiki-pe, and discovered that the use of Sulpher dioxide, or E220, as it's called when used as a food preservative, is responsible for green grapes retaining their lighter color as they morph into the tasty sultana.

At any rate, raisins are a guilt-free, useful, tasty addition to many of my favorite foods, and I am very glad that I love them. And sometimes I'm glad my kids aren't huge when I'm baking oatmeal raisin cookies and they won't eat them. (My muffintop may in fact owe it's existence to my love of grapes-riddled foods.)

sue-donym said...

A raisin haiku

Thoughts on a raisin
Wrinkled, disgusting, filler
Makes me think of MOIST

Carrot Jello said...

Yes raisins are grapes!
Do you like grapes in your cinnamon rolls? Grapes in your granola? Grapes in your trail mix, in your cakes, in your oatmeal, in your strudel, and grapes in your cookies???
No! No one does!
Let's hear it for fruit just being fruit and just keeping it out of desserts altogether!

Brinestone said...

I love raisins in things: oatmeal, bran muffins, trail mix, cinnamon rolls, raisin bran, ants on a log, etc. I don't like chocolate-covered raisins because I feel like the flavors don't "go," and I would never eat raisins plan because they seem too dry that way. But mostly I'm with ya. I can see what people don't like, I have to admit, though. My brother says that a raisin in his muffin is like a sudden unexpected *squish.* I love sudden changes of texture, but I guess some people don't.

Naomi said...

Amen. I love raisins!

Jenn said...

Love raisins!
But was the real point of this post to make the word raisin look/sound really, really weird when you read/say it? Because it does now. Raisin.

Michelle said...

I'm with you. I love raisins. But whenever I make my incredibly delicious raisin bars I am the only one eating them (and then I gain six pounds and then I cry and then I curse raisins like everyone else).

Tzipporah said...

Raisins are great in everything except cookies. When a cookie has raisins in it, you know it's there in place of chocolate chips, and that's just cruel.

~j. said...

Kalli wins.

Krista said...

I'm with you! I love raisins!

Tamsin North said...

People just don't know what they are talking about. Someone says "I hate raisins", I hear "my ability to think and speak rational thoughts is malfunctioning."

Raisins will always have a happy home with me. Especially golden ones in curries.

Vern said...

Golden raisins in cous cous with chopped pecans, green onions, rotisserie chicken, a splash of orange juice and a little drizzle of olive oil makes me do a happy dance.

Laura: The Sushi Snob said...

As a general rule, I don't like raisins. But then, I'm averse to dried fruit in general...unless it's craisins or blueberries. Those I can handle.

But raisins? Yuck. It's a texture thing, really. My husband loves raisins though, so I keep them around for him.

I will, however, eat cinnamon raisin bread or bagels. Don't ask, I'm weird.

ray-ray says said...

Chocolate covered raisins in oatmeal cookies?? Diet be damned, I'm making some tonight.

Shannon said...

Raisins in baked goods are totally fine, but if I can blow your mind a moment, nuts do NOT belong in baked goods...ever. Don't defile my perfectly delicious chocolate chip cookie with nuts...that's just wrong :)

Kris said...

Raisins are a shriveled, embarrassed version of a formerly proud, plump, juicy fruit. You can't tell me any self-respecting grape wants to find herself all brown and wrinkly floating around in some trail mix.

La Yen said...

One of my very first words was raisin. I love them. I will stand with you, my sister.

Miggy said...

I hate raisins.

I've hated them all my life, so this certainly isn't a 'trend' thing with me...unlike, say my love for sushi and pear, gorgonzola and caramelized onion pizza.

Sorry, I just can't stand behind you on this one.

vanessa said...

I WILL JOIN THIS MOVEMENT! I have forced raisins on my kids because my husband hates them so much. I am a mean wife like that. I also have been known to chase my husband around the house with raisins. And tonight I am going to leave my mac open on the bed with this raisin picture displayed...just to hear him dry heave.

ali said...

well said, and long overdue. I love raisins too, although oddly enough, I have a hard time eating them plain-- I much prefer them in other foods or chocolate covered.

Kym said...

Ewwww. Me no likely in my cookies, in my oatmeal, or in my bread. I can almost stand them in carrot salad or cracked wheat berry salad. Wait... I just thought about it and I don't like them in those either.

I won't judge you, but I might think about it whenever I think of you. "Carina likes raisens. Hmmmm."

Kaerlig said...

You don't need to convince me. I love raisins. I eat them plain or cooked. I was raised on Raisin bars. I should give you that recipe. I also like Prunes. I should give you the recipe to the prune cake I made yesterday. My kids liked it too.

Leisha Mareth said...

I second Kami. Ew. This post has raisins in it.

You probably like black jelly beans too.

Azúcar said...

Leisha, black jelly beans? That's DISGUSTING.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Sorry I can't join the movement. I've never liked raisins at all. I've tried, but I just can't do it they're too dry and just a wrinkly shell of their former self.

I do really like grapes though.

Marie said...

I don't like grapes, and am a little scroogey about Christmas, so maybe you're on to something there. Big fan of mothers and snowflakes and baby dolphins, though. I've not read through the other comments, so this may be redundant, but grapes' problem, like raisins', is texture, not taste, and I'm very much a texture person, to the point that I'll keep eating something with a lousy flavor if it has a great texture. Grapes (and cherries and cherry tomatoes, which I also dislike, but, for the record will eat because I hate picky eaters more than I hate any food) are exploding little eyeballs when bit down upon, and no one outside China loves eating eyeballs, even if they tasted like grapes. And raisins also taste fine, but are shriveled, mummified eyeballs (uh, grapes) that when plumped back up bear an alarming resemblance to rabbit leavings. Again, it's a texture issue. But grind up raisins into a nice un-wrinkly hash and stir it into the steamed Christmas pudding batter and I'm in heaven.

Erica said...

I had no idea this raisin bigotry existed until you put the question on our TM staff questions. I love raisins! My family loves raisins! My kids eat oatmeal every damned day with raisins in it. And trail mix without raisins is just too dry and crunchy. It needs a little

Anne-Marie said...

This made my day.
The post, not raisins.
I don't mind the shriveled little things, though i prefer the goldens, and I certainly am not going to snack on them (except crasins-yes!) but I do NOT like them in cookies, because they almost always replace chocolate chips and that is an injustice.

Rachel Q said...

I like raisins on their own, but I don't like them much in other stuff. If they are in trail mix I will pick out all the raisins and eat them first, then eat the rest. I can't stand the crunchy/chewy combo. And when they're in cookies I don't like that I have to keep chewing on them long after the rest of the bite is gone.

Tiffany said...

I wrote a post about raisins a couple years ago. I was sitting at a table at an rs meeting and there was carrot cake with --what??? raisins. the girls weren't eating it . they were saying, ew yuck raisins and I finally said, "ARE YOU IN PRESCHOOL???" They laughed and then all agreed raisins were gross. REALLY? Gross to me is like eating some maggot infested road kill. Raisins are not gross. I got up and went over to another table and said, "Anyone here like raisins?" Lucky for me I wasn't alone in my raisin love... a couple more came to my rescue.

I actually get annoyed at any adult who says something is "gross" or "yucky" . seriously, grow up!