Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Interview Isaac Mizrahi

The other day I texted Noelle to tell her that designer Nanette Lepore was on Project Runway All Stars that night. She replied back that she was in a fight with Nanette and wouldn't be watching. I said that's OK, because when I was talking to Isaac Mizrahi the other day, he said Diane Von Furstenberg was the best guest judge this season so far. 

Did you like that name drop? Oh, that one was fun to do.


Meg said...

This post was a fabulous way to start the day. Cracking.Me.Up. And yeah. It is hard to beat the Furstenburg.

Hailey said...

That interview is AWESOME. I can't wait for when you come to NY. We will do some damage.

C. Jane said...

C, I met Isaac in London when I was 19. He was still wearing his scrunchies. Is this a good connection? I don't know. But your name dropping tempted me.