Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Traveling with Eric Dowdle

I got a phone call a little while ago from the producer of Traveling with Eric Dowdle: Would I like to come down to the studio and be on the program? Oh, and by the way, I'd be appearing on a travel trivia segment.

I think the right answer is YES! I didn't know that the topic would be on....Florida.

Oh, Florida! The state I married into!

When I told Joe that they were inviting me to talk about Key West, he gave me a funny look. "You're the expert on Key West in this house?" He asked, one eye squinting in unbelief.
"I'm the expert on everything," I answered, daring him to prove how his actual trips to the Keys were more relevant than my cursory study of the area and a mostly vague knowledge of some sort of Hemingway tie-in.

Besides, I had Eric's handy folk art painting of Key West to help me out, right? 

I had so much fun taping the show. Eric is a total character, he and his producers put on a great show about traveling to great locales. Dowdle travels all the world and creates a painting of his destination with landmarks and points of interest. I've seen his art all over, and it was great fun putting a face to a name. I hope they are kind enough to have me back someday. 

 E.G. came with me and was quiet as a mouse sitting in the studio while the rest of the guests and I competed on the trivia challenge. He had a capital time and keeps asking when we're going to do a radio show again!

You can listen to the Key West show here, or tune into Eric's show as it airs on Sirius XM radio 143 BYU Radio.

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Miggy said...

Did you win? I'm assuming you won because I will never forget the Trivial Pursuit spanking you gave all of us on the company trip in lake powell.