Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Happens on a Thursday: Eric Dowdle's Radio Show

I kind of love radio. Do you? I've had the chance to co-host a number of radio shows, and I've been a guest on others. Each time I get into a studio with the huge mics and the headphones it's like I'm a kid in a candy store. It's so cool!*

Every once in a while Eric Dowdle, of Traveling with Eric Dowdle, and his crew invite me down to the studio to tape a show for broadcast. I have so much fun doing radio; I really have a face for it!

I was on the Las Vegas show because I truly love a vacation in Vegas.

I was also on the Niagara Falls show because I've never been to Niagara Falls and therefore I know a lot about it.

You can catch up with Eric at the Dowdle Daily.

*My version of "cool" might be more of an old-timey 1930s version...

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Reese Dixon said...

Totally. I'm so into it that I've taken to barging into any podcast that will have me. Love it.