Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Happens on a Wednesday: Caputo's Chocolate Class!

My friend Janet sent me an email asking if I wanted to go to a chocolate class at Caputo's Market in Salt Lake. The answer to that question is YES, JANET.

That's Matt Caputo, who has the unenviable task of eating several pounds of chocolate a day. You think this would be the best job ever, but I suspected, and Matt confirmed, that eventually it's like having to eat anything else: you get real sick of it, and real fast. People foist chocolate on him all day: he gets packages and packages of chocolate, must try all of it, and most of it isn't good.

I'll level with you, dear readers, I completely walked into the class with a "Go ahead, teach me something about chocolate that I do not know" attitude. And you know what Caputos said? DONE. Next. Broughten. Here's what I knew: a brand that rhymes with SchMershey's is disgusting (because, guys, it really is, why are you still eating it?) Here's what I didn't know: my favorite brand of chocolates, Leonidas, is considered chocolate and vanilla flavored candy. I still love it because if you smoosh a hazelnut into the sole of a shoe, I'd eat that. 

Matt's discussion about the origins of chocolate, accompanied by tasting small bits of different types of finished chocolates was really fun. My favorite of the ones we tasted was Amano's Dos Rios bar. That chocolate is OUT of CONTROL; it tastes like flowers, fruits, sparkles, and Samba music. 

I'm planning on going back for the advanced classes, where, I believe, we will be blindfolded and asked to identify the type of cocoa bean and soundly beaten with cured salamis if we answer incorrectly. People pay good money for that type of thing in Berlin.

I went with Kalli and we were extremely inappropriate, borderline disruptive, questionably filthy, and should really have been shamed from the room. Sorry, everyone. 

(Thank you, Janet.)
(Thank you, Caputo's Chocolates)


Mary said...

i love amano chocolate and since now living on the east coast, have actually ordered and shipped it to my house.

it is slightly difficult to feel bad for mr. caputo. bad chocolate and all.

Kalli said...

Errbody wishes they looked as fly as me, right?


Vanessa Brown said...

Tyler and I went to this...oh man....3 years ago? It was wonderful; I learned a lot, and it completely ruined my taste buds. I thought I was going in a bit of a chocolate snob but after that I def. did.

natalie holbrook said...

kalli you look FOXY!

Annette Lyon said...

Back during my Utah Chocolate Show days, I got to be part of one of his classes. It was mind blowingly awesome. I'll never looked at chocolate the same again.

Isn't Amano AWESEOME?