Thursday, August 23, 2012

School Started! School Started!

It seems to me that there are two kinds of back-to-school reactions: The Crier and the Cheerer (you can vote on which one you are here.)

I am mostly a cheerer. I love my kids, but we all do better with the rigorous school schedule. My kids are the same way. Three years ago, E.G. was so angry with me for not taking him to Kindergarten that I had to drive him to the empty school to prove to him I wasn't deliberately keeping him from his education. This year, Proximo starts Kindergarten and he is similarly excited to bust outta this joint. I will cheer, cry, and sleep when they're both in school starting next week. Oh, and work. It will be just me and the baby, refusing to answer the door when random people show up, writing during naptime, and enjoying a house that stays clean longer than 5 minutes.

Today is officially the third day of school, but the first where I "served" cold cereal for breakfast. Proud of myself for making it three whole days. Also proud of myself for forgetting to take pictures of my departing child in absolutely no new clothes. Let's not get too weepy, I'm pretty sure I'll remember to take a picture of him at some point this year. Maybe.

It's Joe's back-to-school time, too. He marooned me with these three people to teach the Future of America. He's been prepping for the school year all summer, and recently started meeting with parents and new students in anticipation of his harder classes. Which is where this conversation happened:

"Well, Mrs. So-and-So, I know I just met you, and after talking with the other teachers this seems crazy, but on this paper is my email and number, so if you need to, call me, maybe."

The mom thanked him without a clue and the daughter did an eye-roll facepalm. Your tax dollars at work, people.

Lulu has been cutting teeth for the past two weeks, turning me into a zombie with her midnight, 3am, and 5am blood-curdling wakings. It's been a good time. Only four more years until she's in school, too.

Perhaps I should see if someone is selling some sentimentality and pick some up? Also, extra emotional tears? Because I'm not sad about school starting, not one little bit.


Holly said...

I'm firmly in the Hooray for School club, though my joy this week was diminished by the dog, who paws at me off and on all afternoon as if to say, "Where my kids at?" (The dog does not go to school, hence the terrible grammar.)

Naomi said...

Joe's back to school conversation had me in stitches! I enjoy my children during the holiday, but love the routine of school days.

Jenny said...

If I had Joe for my math teacher in HS I bet I wouldn't have nightmares about having to go back anymore. Also, sentimentality at back to school time is for first time parents of kindergarteners, not real people.

Vanessa said...

Wait is that allowed? Refusing to answer the door for random stop bys? I would like to sign up for that. Since I don't answer my phone...or email...or even texts should worry NO ONE. Right?

AzĂșcar said...

It's your house, you don't have to answer anything you don't want to. You make the rules.

Hildie said...

We start in two days and I'm sad for about fifteen minutes. All mine will be in school so, like the scriptures say, my joy is full.

Josh Bingham said...

You are my soul sister. I don't understand people that mourn when their kids go to school. Their kids must be nicer than my kids. And I don't get the whole "frist day outfit" thing. I get it in theory. But in practice: it is still 95 degrees on the first day of school. Yes, my kids will need new cute clothes this fall when the weather changes, but I am not going to go buy a new pair of shorts and a new short sleeved shirt for a picture and then have them only wear those clothes for a month and a half before the bitter chill descends upon us. This may all change when my daughter starts school. But my boys can wear the same old ratty shorts and tshirts they've been wearing all year.

Bryn said...

Can I sign up for both camps! I am obviously conflicted! I am both at the same time or sometimes depending on the moment I can be in either one. I forgot to take pictures of my high schooler. Who thinks of pictures before 7 am?