Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I Am Bad At

A Short List of Things I Am Bad At:

  • Borrowing books
  • Libraries
  • Remembering
  • Returning calls
  • Replying to emails
  • Grammar (apparently)
  • Organization of anything
  • Finishing one thought
  • Finishing this blog post since it's been a week since I've started it and maybe bullet points are the lazy blogger's blogging (probably)
  • Blogging

I've been sporadic with the postings on this blog (even the admission of which is contrary to a rule I set for myself: no apologies, no schedules, talk about what you want to talk about no matter what, and never outline a break.) I think, however, that I'm making all of this far more complicated than it needs to be. Back before there were "mommy bloggers" and "lifestyle bloggers" and "tumblr" there was just blogging, and I used to kind of love it. Then everything got sliced into categories and genres, discounted or vaulted, valued and dissected. Perhaps I need to get back to what I used to love about writing online, in my own space and time.

Lisa once told me that instead of worrying about the socio-political and gender statements of vacuuming, maybe we should just vacuum. That's as good advice as any, whether it's cleaning floors or cleaning our your brain. This blog has blessed and changed my life in innumerable ways; I wouldn't be here without you. So maybe I should just write again without worrying about making it funny, silly, or serious, and just trust that you'll come along?

So, hi everyone. Ready?


Brinestone said...

YES! Oh, I needed this today.

eliana23 said...

Yes. But you are great when you do blog, so it is fine.

Jaymerz said...

YES!! There is to much "find your niche", and honestly some of my favorite blogs don't fit into certain categories, they are just them.

Michelle said...

Agreed. I am happy to read your words whenever and about whatever. Just be you. I like you.

Bethany said...


Josh Bingham said...

Agreed - I worried about that when I started my blog ( Is it a fatherhood blog, a humor blog, a blog about writing? But does it need to be? We just write it and it is fun.

And I agree - don't apologize or have strategies. Just blog when you can. We are happy to see you when you pop up on the reader.

dmarie said...

yes...i like to read whatever you post, so i'll come along!

Kalli said...

high five, let's do this

Bryn said...


Alicen said...

Liberating words those are!! Go with it!!

Sarah Kate said...


Amy Hackworth said...

Love this, Carina!