Friday, September 28, 2012

The Cost of a Cool Halloween Wreath

Yesterday at my kitchen table my friend Jenny, fresh off the plane from a week in New York City, told me of a mutual friend who had mentioned Jenny's recent travels. How lucky for Jenny that she got to go, said this friend. Yes, replied Jenny, but everything has a cost...

I made a Halloween wreath!

Halloween Wreath with Skull

I sent a picture of the wreath to Noelle who replied, "I'm getting tired just looking at it." I laughed and said,
"What do you mean?"

"Because there are Michael's-esque stores involved, and driving and hunting for things. There's glue, and kids, and glue and feathers both stuck to my fingers. I can't find a nail and hook, my finger gets banged with a hammer and...."

"You're so right. It all started because E.G. had piano lessons, so I had 30 minutes to kill and drove down the street to Hobby Lobby. Next thing I know I'm driving between Michael's and Hobby Lobby, I can't find the right letters to spell "Boo", the kids are complaining, the baby eats a sack of 'fruit' snacks, and there's leftovers for dinner because I'm busy making crap."

"And you're thinking, 'I'm trying to make good memories for you, you ungrateful jerks!'"

"Pretty much."

This morning the baby woke up early crying furiously. I opened the door to find her in a puddle of crib vomit the color of fruit snacks. It was either the snacks or the leftovers. Freshly bathed and nursed, she lost it again, drenching me and our chair. Ah, one of those tummy bugs, I accepted.

I put her in the worst outfit she owns: a pink and black polka dot ruffled tutu leggings nightmare with a cartoon character on the front, because if she's going to destroy clothes today, let's not make them something I like. She got so many compliments on her outfit at the grocery store that I guess I no longer have good clothing taste. The people must be right, and I must be wrong.

She splattered her outfit and the car seat on the way home.

(But I really love my cool Halloween wreath.)


Naomi said...

Oh no! But that IS one cool wreath!

Alex said...

I like your wreath. And the people are rarely right.

Marianne & Clayton said...

You made your (very cute) wreath just in time since cleaning vomit out of a car seat is one of tasks you have to do in Dante's 7th circle of hell. Your wreath should totally put you in the spirit to get it done!

eliana23 said...

Such a true commentary on every project I've ever made. Good luck on pukes.

Kelly said...

Cool wreath! You make me laugh. Hope she is better soon!

Vanessa said...

Yep those are the outfits that make it into the diaper bag for "in case of accident time" Reagan got one that has hot pink, ribbons, zebra print, rhinestones, and the word princess on it. Into the diaper bag it went!

And I love that wreath.

noelle said...

I'm not taking back what I said.

(But I still like your wreath).

Tzipporah said...

I love this. Not so much the vomit, but the storytelling is great.

rebecca said...

I'm going to put this up on my wall in adorable vinyl letters:
'I'm trying to make good memories for you, you ungrateful jerks!'