Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Delicious Delights to the Web

My friend Morgan, from One More Moore, is trying to turn her awesomeness into webisodes.

Morgan has always dreamed of her own cooking and crafts show, but unlike most people who think they want to do such a thing, she'd actually be great at it.

(Well, maybe "most" people would be great too, but I haven't known any of those random "most" people since junior high, like I've known Morgan, so I'm probably biased. Take THAT "most" people with whom I did not go to junior high.)

"We want to create amazing high quality, high content episodes that teach you how to make everything from dinner to desserts to gifts for friends. I also want to  share some of my favorite holiday foods and crafts for you to make with friends and family. These episodes will be hosted on a separate site and will start filming as early as October. I have an amazing team on board who is committed to ensuring that these webisodes are top notch and worth every dollar that is pledged. "

If you're interested in her special brand of awesome, consider donating to her Kickstarter. I'm pledging because I think she'd be fantastic. Morgan's Kickstarter ends this week, if you could help, I know she'd appreciate it.