Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let Me Pitch You

I've been put on some sort of list for PR releases, and I have to tell you guys, every time I get these pitches I take a look around this blog and wonder who they think you are.

In case you're interested, there is a resort opening in Fiji, a new safari open tent option in the Northern Serengeti, a great irrigation project launching someplace in Idaho, and a woman who has the secret to being happy (it's a different woman/doctor/fellow everyday.)

If you're in the market for books from people with troubled childhoods who have triumphed enough to commit words to a printed medium, then I have access to seventeen options. Perhaps we should send a memo to all foster children that if they can just make it to adulthood, there are literary agents five deep waiting to hear their story.

Other pitches ask me if I'm working on a story for my blog about a new shopping center, a children's play in Dallas, or if I'd like to let my readers know about a photojournalist's book about China. I don't know, maybe you are?

When I get one of these releases I know it's not because they've actually read, or even looked at this blog, which is why it so amuses me. I wouldn't ever wholesale cut-and-paste their article onto this blog, despite being encouraged by the sender to do just that; it makes me wonder how many newspapers, or "real" online news places, actually will do that--I'm not a journalist, so I don't know how it all works. I do know that I get to spend a chunk of time everyday going through emails for the most irrelevant things.

Then again, if I had to pick between irrelevant email pitches and blinking forwards telling me I hate Jesus and faeries if I don't pass them along, I'll pick the World's First Smart Bag for Parents that Helps with Beauty Sleep.


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I really need to start doing that. How great would that be? (Especially since I don't have a picture of Nathan Fillion holding string.)