Thursday, December 27, 2012

Miss Lulu Marks the Calendar

Miss Lulu experienced a serious case of language explosion in the past two weeks. She marked her 18 month birthday with little fanfare and considerable napping. Never a demure and quiet child, every morning starts with a shriek for her brothers. This morning, I asked her if she wanted a banana and she replied, clear as crystal, "Apple."

Her vocabulary includes: Mama, mami, shoe, sock, banana, please, thank you, me, my, dada, mine, agua, leche, Winnie Pooh, Elmo, and BABY. She points out babies and other toddlers wherever she goes. Christmas brought her two new baby dolls, whom she treats with reckless disregard.

She is utterly spoiled by her brothers and grandfather, accepting nothing less than total surrender of all candy and food stuffs. She demands to be held when they play Just Dance. I have to undo much of the damage with strict boundaries and mean mama eyes.

(I only wish this was posed)

Once upon a time a friend assured me that I would love having a girl because they just bring a sweeter spirit to the house. I don't know if Miss Lulu's spirit is sweet, but it sure is loud. Nothing holds her down: she runs, climbs, seizes goods with no hesitation, and flashes a wicked smile. I love her fierce heart and brassy will; they will serve her well in life.

She is still blonde (?)


Emily Foley said...

My daughter (after two boys like you!) is hell on two feet. That girl can throw down. And then she kisses her baby and carefully tucks her into bed. It's so confusing. Good luck with your surgery!

AzĂșcar said...

Thanks Emily!

Melanie Jacobson said...

I'm a brunette, a fairly dark one. I have a very dark brunette baby daddy and our child is super blond. I also now have a super blonde husband and our two children are more brunette. I do not understand genetics and Punnett squares lie.