Monday, February 25, 2013

Carina's Coconut Cream Pie

This is the recipe that people are always asking me for, especially around the holidays. I worked on the recipe for years, tinkering until it was the most perfect coconut cream pie anywhere. 

It's not stringy, or soupy, or--horror of horrors--full of almond extract (almond extract in a coconut cream pie is like putting mud in chocolate cake--don't put that in, that's a horrible thing to do.) 

When I was baking the empty pie shell I took a conference call. The conference call won. Oops.

I ran out of time to make another pie crust and I was under a serious time crunch. I had to take EG to piano right in the middle of the process and didn't have time to change. When I dropped him off I realized that I could just run to the store and buy a pie crust! People do that! Except the only store nearby was Walmart (which hurts my feelings.) And, oh yeah, I was wearing leggings as pants, slippers, a messy shirt, hadn't done my hair, had on no makeup. I was a People of Walmart, my friends.

But it was worth it...

I cooled the filling in a flash by going outside, sticking the pot in the three feet of snow on my back deck, and stirring as it thickened. It cut more than an hour off the chill time--awesome.

I use the Cook's Illustrated vodka pie crust because it never fails me. One tip that I'll tell you guys: I sometimes put 1/4 cup of the finely shredded coconut into the pie pastry. Just another level of awesome.


Emily said...

Checking it out now--this is one of my favorite pies!

Vanessa Brown said...

I had the most awful coconut pie at the feria last week. I must make this to fix that experience. Also Abby's birthday is in a couple of weeks and it pie themed.

Tyler has a weird thing with almond extract. Anytime we go to a bakery or hire someone to do a cake he asks them about almost extract. He doesn't like it at all but he really doesn't like when it is in things it shouldn't be. I don't really notice it!

Amber Dennis said...

I finally stumbled upon the PERFECT coconut cream pie recipe once I saw yours. I like to cook well enough, but after my boyfriend mentioned how much he likes coconut cream pie and his aunt makes it, but it isn't really as good as she claims it is, I decided to try my hand at this dessert I was determined to master lol. I wanted a simple, yet delicious recipe and yours hits the nail right on the head. His eyes widen every time I mention I'm going to make it and his mom told his aunt she has some big competition now lol. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with us, it's heavenly!