Friday, March 01, 2013

Women and Education Conference at BYU

I'm thrilled to be speaking at the Women and Education Conference at BYU this Friday, March 8th along with some great friends: Courtney Kendrick, Amy Hackworth, and Sarah Z. Wiley. 

I have a lot of energy around making sure women pursue and accomplish their educational goals. I didn't title my session, but there's certainly plenty to share around what professional and personal dreams have to do with education. 

If you know a woman attending BYU, please let them know! If you're a woman considering how a degree could fit into her life plans and will be going to college soon, there will be a lot to learn as well. It's free and no registration is required.

If you're interested in balancing family, work, and church, you should come, too (chances are you already know about the rewards and challenges and you've heard it all before, so maybe just come and take a siesta? You've earned it.)

2013 Women and Education Conference

10am Keynote Address - Courtney Jane Kendrick 3222 WSC

11am: Megan Faulkner Brown 3222 WSC, Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt 3224 WSC, Caitlin Connolly 3220 WSC

12pm: C. Jane Kendrick 3222 WSC, Amy Hackworth 3224 WSC , Carina H. Wytiaz 3220 WSC

1pm: Katie Liljenquist 3222 WSC, Grad Student Panel 3223 WSC, Sarah Wiley 3220 WSC


fijiangirl said...

Ok this is awesome! I would love to attend. but I guess I have to send my mom in my place. You are going to be amazing.

Britty said...

So exciting, Carina! Proud of you, friend. :)