Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Killers Battle Born and Backstage

If there is one thing you should know about Noelle and I is that our friendship has been cemented by a mutual love for The Killers. We were friendly co-workers when we bumped into each other at a Killers show back in 2009, she pregnant, and me with lovely Nat. I think it was that moment that I knew that Noelle and I were destined to be great friends. She'll tell you that her friendship epiphany happened when I brought homemade caramels into the office and she made a solemn vow to befriend me so she could get on the holiday caramel list. Well, it worked.

I could tell you how fun Noelle is, how smart, generous, beautiful, devoted, practical, and really hilarious, but instead I will tell you that we both lose our minds at a Killers show:

"Noelle, The Killers, on the 30th."
"Shut up. I'm on it."
"Should we get our tickets now? They're going fast."
"No, I'm waiting until we get the tickets we want. Trust me."

I watched the show sell out, but I trust Noelle.

"What's your full legal name and your full address," she said a couple weeks later.
I had a hunch what that info would be for, but I kept it to myself.

"Are you ready," Noelle said, pulling me into a conference room, "Because we are going to see The Killers and we have BACKSTAGE PASSES."

And then I passed away from this mortal life, funeral and all. It was a lovely service.

I didn't tell anyone for a whole week until the day of the show. Kept it to myself. I even wrote it in the journal Wendy gave me called, Secrets I Heard and Kept, "I have a backstage pass to The Killers."

The afternoon of the show Joe gave me a Swedish Fish. I don't even particularly like Swedish Fish, but I ate it anyway. Well, sort of ate it, until it popped my cap off my molar and I had to hit the dentist for an emergency appointment. Noelle was freaking out (in a totally calm and together way, because she's Noelle, not some lunatic,) because I was going to be late to The Killers. We weren't late, but we did have to eat junk in the car instead of an actual dinner. It was pouring rain when we got to the venue, into which you could not bring an umbrella. That's why you might notice my hair looks a little like it was rained on and then I went to a rock show.

The Killers were incredible, as always. Noelle and I shed some of our public inhibitions, because that's what you do at a great rock show. We screamed, we jumped, we danced, we sang our hearts out, we squeeed.

We Lost Our Minds

From our seats I could see at least a half dozen of our friends, including Kami, who had to be pulled from the crush of people on the front row. Rock must exact a heavy price from the devoted, or it ceases to be Rock.

And then, after the show, we were escorted to a VIP area and led backstage.


We were mostly trying not to freak out. Just, be cool. It's just our favorite rock-n-roll band, that's all. We're just going to meet them, it's fine. It's no big.


Ronnie, the Killers' drummer, loves to ruin pictures (we could hardly stop laughing.) As for our pictures with Brandon Flowers, oh, we got them, but you'll have to ask us to see them in person. 

Thanks for a crazy, wonderful, rainy, sweaty, mind-losing night, Noelle. Now let's get tickets for the next show.


Vanessa Brown said... I am curious as to why we have to see them in person. Rawr! That isn't the right word....tsk tsk? Ah can't think of the right one

noelle said...

How am I just seeing this?!?!

Emily said...

Awesome. Love The Killers. So jealous you were there AND backstage. Can I pretty please see the Brandon pictures next time we're in person?

erin T to the S said...

Seriously! I saw them a few years ago at the E center when B was wearing the fur epaulettes and carrying a staff/baton and I died so many times, living was the exception...took a week to calm down