Sunday, November 09, 2014

When the Wall Fell

Can it really be 25 years?

I tried to explain to my child why it still blows my mind.

You see, the world used to be in two pieces. There was our side and their side. There was a West Germany and an East Germany. And there were two Berlins. One half was free. The other half wasn't. A wall right down the middle of a city. It was taller than anyone on earth and deeper than you can imagine. The guards on the wall used to shoot people--they shot above our heads--who tried to cross. And then
One day
There were people on the wall
There were people over the wall
And then there wasn't a wall

Eine Deutschland and one world and everything we knew about dropping the bomb or not wasn't anymore.

It still feels like a miracle.

A messy, messy miracle new world that's sometimes scarier now because there aren't any walls where there once was a wall.

We took pieces of that wall and we threw them all over the world, in classrooms and cities, carried away in pockets from Potsdamer Platz and Checkpoint Charlie and to everywhere there wasn't a wall. Because once upon a time it divided the world and then we broke it into a million rocks that had one colored side and one gray side, the bright and the absent, and the world took it back.

Because you can't keep people from people. It won't work no matter how high and long and reinforced.

Something there is that doesn't love a wall.

And that something was us.

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