Friday, May 27, 2016

Vitamin D: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Get Some Sunshine

I have a weird goal this summer. Maybe not a weird goal for you, but a weird goal for me: get a little more sun.

I am a pale person. I gave up “tanning” years ago, mostly because I don’t really get tan and also because when I was 20 I got sunstroke laying out on a roof like a dummy. I have accepted that the best I can do is freckle-merging to create tan areas.

As a consequence of avoiding the sun, dunking myself in vats of sunscreen, affecting a parasol betimes, wearing swaths of protective clothing, plus hats, I’ve been concerned I’m not actually getting enough vitamin D. I’ve been looking at vitamin D studies, which show that vitamin D can help prevent breast cancer, diabetes, colon cancer, and reduce depression, hypertension, and more. Our bodies creates vitamin D when it absorbs sunlight. I KNOW. No pills. I mean, you can take a pill, or drink some milk, but also you could literally walk outside into the sunlight.

Me with a hat in the sunshine on a St. Maarten beach. It was a lovely day.

I’m a writer; we habitually do not get enough sun. I work inside all day. It’s probably time to change that: take me to a beach, get me on a hike, out on an amble in the late afternoon, someplace where the sun can touch my skin and merge those freckles.

What do you think? Want to get some vitamin D? Let's get down with National Sunshine Month.

Disclaimer: GrassrootsHealth asked if I would share my thoughts on getting more vitamin D for National Sunshine Month, and I was like, write a post about sunshine? Um, OK. This post is brought to you by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium by the sun which you and I then use to make vitamin D.

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