Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How [News Story] relates to [Our Industry]

Can you believe this [News Story]? Many things happened, some of them were crazy! The [News Story] is just nuts this [time period.]

Anyone who watches [News Story] will have noticed that [Our Industry] has a lot in common with [News Story.] It used to be that [time period] it would be easy for [Our Industry] to make an impact, but the urgency of the [News Story] means we have to [insert goal.]

Leaders in [Our Industry] are just like/not like at all the leaders in [News Story.] And really, [News Story] is about more than just [News Story], it’s about [Our Industry] but also the world, and where we could go from here. If we engage [Our Industry] like [News Story] engages, we could really [insert goal.]

[News Story] reminds us all that when you’re in [Our Industry] you’ve got to make sure you never forget the lessons from [News Story]. So the next time [Our Industry] is doing things in [Our Industry], [News Story] will be on our minds. Hooray for [Our Industry] and I bet [time period] we’ll [News Story] too.

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