Hire Me

What I look like when I work: very serious with a hint of mystery. And with noise-cancelling headphones.

What I Do: Wicked-Awesome Content

If you need smart, brand-conscious content that's SEO friendly, and not totally boring, I can help.

What I Don't Do: Boring

If you want long-winded content that's aimed at a general audience and is inoffensive to the point of pablum, you could probably find someone else.

Clients I Love:

I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, INC 500 companies, the fastest-growing, the Internet-savviest, start-ups galore, hip agencies, and plenty of businesses in between. I'm fast, easy to work with, and can make everything you want to communicate more interesting and glamorous. Unless glamour isn't your thing, but we can work with that.

Drop me an email and let's talk: jet set carina at gmail dot com.