Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Story of a Proximo

This is the story of a boy, who used to be a baby.

He longed to be outside to stretch his growing arms and long legs, but he spent all day inside a very small apartment on the top floor. One day he packed his bunny and moved to a house that had a paradise disguised as a backyard. He could run, jump, and shriek as fast, long, and as loud as he wanted. 
So he did.
And when he'd run, jumped, and shrieked (until his heart nearly burst from joy,) he asked for a sparkle-sicle. 
So he took that sparkle-sicle, sat down on the steps, and leaned against a post. This was his favorite spot. He could talk to the birds poking for worms, hear the dog next door, and just hum a harmony with the busy world around him.

He was so happy, his smile nearly split his head open.

For all the beauty, space, and wonder of his new world, the lure of the old one sometimes called to him.

And sometimes he listened.

(Especially when the call said to arrange his own sunscreen application.)

(And to smear the extra all over his mother's brand new wool rug.) 
The End.


dalene said...

i've never heard of a sparkle-sicle before. but i want one.

i also want the sunscreen to magically come out of your new wool rug.


the emily said...

Oh how my boys would love a yard this summer, especially with the heaven-weather we've had this weekend. 2nd story condos SUCK with kids.

Just Jiff said...

Sparkle-sicle? I LOVE it!

~j. said...

And his mother did NOT enter him into a pageant. And he was so happy.

Chief said...

What a cute face he has. He must get it from his mother!

La Yen said...

Why do you even buy new or nice things? Azucar Fail.

Also, I love your backyard. And I want a sparklesicle.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Yes, more details about the sparklesicles.

I'm guessing the old trick of putting a stain out in the sun won't work for your rug, eh?

Anne-Marie said...

1. I love little boys.
2. They definitely need awesome backyards.
3. Mine is not awesome.
4. Yours is. Love it.

AzĂșcar said...

Oh La Yen, you are so right. How did I ever think this would be a good idea?

Anne-Marie, you guys should come over some time.

Maybe I SHOULD enter him into a pageant, those kids on TLC seem to be doing well for themselves!

It's true, 2nd floor condos do suck for kids.

Chief- he has the sweetest face.

Sparklesickles are Otter Pops, which I think are gross, but the children love them and they are cheap.

b. said...

This kid has always melted me like buttah...sorry about the rug--good thing he's cute.