Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Did Jenny Go to Hawaii?

Miss Lulu and I were headed to paradise, but I'd still need to work. I'm good with toting baby everywhere, but this trip to Hawaii required some time investment away from baby. Plus, baby deserved to keep her regular nap times no matter what big wig I'd be scheduled to interview--Miss Lulu is that important! We had to have someone come with us.

And who better than Jenny? She really loves kids!

May I recommend her as a traveling companion? Oh, good. 

Only next time I'd like to be on the same flight as my traveling companions so I don't end up holding Miss Lulu in a confined area for 12 hours of travel time each way and completely mess up my back. Ouch. Mama needs a lomi lomi.

What to Do at Aulani


CKW said...

I adore this picture!!! :-) (as well as Jennys and Lulu's enviably cute swimsuits!)

Kym said...

I totally want a Jenny. Love her in the photo. And Lulu is adorable in that suit and turban. Precious, precious little face.

~j. said...

I was trying so hard to not laugh. Because that kid? Not a jerk.